5+1 Silly Spooky Fun Halloween Ideas for the Classroom

I love the Fall! Halloween is such a fun time of year. Here are some spooky fun Halloween Ideas for the Classroom that will keep your little goblins engaged throughout October!

Silly Spooky Halloween Ideas for the Classroom!

Halloween Ideas for the Classroom #1: Non-Fiction Text Features!

Non-Fiction Text Features: Halloween Ideas for the Classroom.

October is a great month for teaching about features of non-fiction! There are so many great non-fiction topics to read about: Pumpkins, Spiders, and Bats (Oh my!).

I also loved reading books about Halloween to my students during the month of October. If you have not read Gail Gibbons, you are missing out. These books are written in a narrative non-fiction style and have wonderful illustrations to go with them. Her books are always great for teaching your students about the features of non-fiction texts. Here are a few of my favorites (Amazon affiliate links):

Students retain information better when they write things down! Letting your students write and doodle while you are reading is a fantastic way to help your students better retain information! Using a guide (free graphic organizer) can help your students to focus their writing/doodling. Here are some fantastic in-class reading logs that you can use when reading to your students.

#2 Decorate!

One of the funnest (that is a word right?) things about Halloween are the decorations! Make decorations even more fun by letting your students create them!

All you really need for this is construction paper, scissors, and glue or tape. Show your students how to make simple ghosts, bats, pumpkins, and jack-o-lanterns out of paper. They can work in groups and share supplies and ideas. You could assign each group a specific decoration to make, or just let the kiddos create what they want!

Decorate! Halloween Ideas for the Classroom

I am not affiliated with From the Pond, but I LOVE these one-page crafts. They are perfect for helping your students to create adorable decorations! When they are done with their decorations, let them decorate the classroom and their lockers or cubbies. They will take pride and ownership and hopefully will take good care of them!

Making crafts in the classroom has all kinds of benefits for students. Such as: following directions, strengthening small muscles, correctly using materials, and most of all…creativity! Not to mention it is super fun! Put on some fun Halloween ambient music and let your students enjoy their crafts!

Halloween Ideas for the Classroom #3: Halloween Writing!

Halloween Writing! Halloween Idead for the classroom. Image of a Halloween picture writing prompt cootie catcher!

This is the best time of year to write spooky stories! I use these super fun writing prompts with pictures to help students write a spooky story to share!

We work on our stories a lot through the month, then we have a celebration! We do a campfire story time (perfect as an activity for your Halloween party). We sit around a fake fire ( I use a round fan that I can angle straight up, and then I attach red, yellow, and orange streamers to the front of the fan. When you turn the fan on it blows on the (Amazon affiliate link) streamers making them stand up and move around to simulate a fire. The students can choose to share their stories or not. It often works to pair students up and then read their stories to a partner, then rotate around the room to read to multiple people during this time!

Image of fake campfire made from a stream and a fan. Halloween Ideas for the Classroom Campfire stories!

You can make this activity more fun by having students bring in flashlights and having s’mores. Turn off the classroom lights and let them read their spooky stories by flashlight! Graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallow fluff make great, no fire needed, kinda messy though, s’mores!

Another fun writing activity is Writing Prompts Cootie Catchers! Students LOVE Cootie Catchers! Every year I always had one or two students who knew how to fold cootie catchers, so I always got their help. Here is a video that shows you how to fold a cootie catcher:

Grab a free Halloween Cootie Catcher Writing Prompt (in my Free Resource Library) by signing up for my Teacher newsletter here:

Some other fun Halloween Writing Ideas:

#4 Fun Halloween Brain Breaks!

Halloween Ideas for the classroom: Brain Breaks!

We all know how important Brain Breaks are during the school day. I definitely need them! My students really enjoy the “Would you Rather?” style brain breaks and the chase/race style! You can check out several fun break breaks here on YouTube! This one was always a fave:

Halloween Ideas for the Classroom #5: Halloween Math!

Halloween Math: Zombie Addition Game Freebie! Halloween Ideas for the classroom!

There are all sorts of fun math activities that you can do around Halloween time as well! My student’s all-time favorite math game is perfect for this time of year: ZOMBIE! You can get this game for free in my Free Resource Library when you sign up for my newsletter!

Here are some other super fun (low prep) Halloween Math Games:

Another super fun math activity is Pumpkin Math! I did a whole blog post about it! You can find that post here:

Halloween Ideas for the Classroom #6: Costume Show and Tell

This is a great way to get your students talking in front of other students. On the day of your Halloween party, start the day with Costume Show and Tell! Show and Tell is a great introduction to public speaking. When you send home information about your Halloween party, put the Costume Show and Tell in the information. Students can practice telling about their costumes at home beforehand. They should tell things like: Why did they choose this costume? Where did the idea for the costume come from? Where did you get it? Is it purchased or home-made? Who made it?

Also, have students think up some questions that they might ask their classmates about their costumes. I would make this an optional activity, as not all students may care to share.

This also makes a great photo opportunity. Take some pics of your students in costume to share with your parents! They will love it!

Phew! Thanks so much for reading this post about Silly and Spook Halloween Ideas for the Classroom! Looking for other posts about fun things to do in your classroom in October? Check out these posts:

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Silly Spooky Halloween Ideas for the Classroom!

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