Inspire Creativity: Refresh Your Classroom Writing Centers This October

Keeping your classroom writing centers fresh is a great way to keep your students engaged in writing! This post has some great writing centers for October! This post does contain Amazon Affiliate links. If you purchase anything through these links I will receive a small commission at no cost to you! Thanks!

You can find my September Writing Centers Refresh Post HERE!

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Writing Center or Writing Centers

Whether you have a permanent classroom writing center, or you switch out your writing centers periodically the ideas in this post can keep your writing center(s) refreshed, up-to-date, and creative!

I loved having a permanent writing center in my classroom. Setting one up at the beginning of the year and keeping it updated was sometimes a challenge. Not anymore! You can use the ideas in this post for your classroom writing center, or as writing centers. They are super easy to modify for your classroom creative writing needs!

October Writing Centers Refresh!

Image of construction paper. Text: New Paper Choice. Writing Centers Refresh

Add Paper

Adding a new or different kind of paper is a great way to refresh your writing center! A fun new paper type you could add to your writing center this month is construction paper! Colored paper is always a fun way to add interest to your writing center. What can the students do with this paper?

  • Make book covers
  • Cut paper to make illustrations for their writing
  • Write on the paper (use a stamper roller or stencil to make lines)
  • Decorate the paper
  • Save scraps for Scrap Box
  • Handmade Cards
  • Make a Poster or Banner
  • Create an imaginary Monster Menu
  • Create a Journal or Diary

If you want to turn this into one of your writing centers, add construction paper to a drawer or Ziploc baggie. Then your students can take it with them when they are doing writing centers. Adding a list to your writing centers of what they can do with the construction paper or doing a mini-lesson is always a good idea.

Add a Novelty Item

Image of Halloween Cootie Catcher Story Starter. Text: Novelty!

Cootie Catchers are always a fun way to get the creative writing juices flowing! Either having your students make their own or having them pre-made in your writing center(s) are a hands-on way to get your students writing! You can find a free Halloween Cootie Catcher in my Tpt store! These also make super fun Halloween gifts for your students! Put the cootie catcher templates into a folder with the Cootie Catcher Writing Paper for a portable writing center, or add them to a drawer in your permanent classroom writing center! Looking for some fun Writing Prompt Cootie Catchers:

Blank Writing Mini-Books!

Image of blank writing mini-book templates and text: Blank Writing Mini-Books

Oh my goodness! My students always LOVED Blank books. Give them a blank book and they would write up a storm! You can find a free blank mini-book in my Free Resource Library, or you could show your students some easy ways to make blank writing mini-books:

Keeping your writing center refreshed is a great way to encourage writing in your classroom! Stay tuned for more Writing Center Refresh ideas! You could also check out my free resource library for some AMAZING freebies to keep your writing center fun and engaging! Not a Primary Planet newsletter subscriber? Sign up for my newsletter and get access to my free resource library! Tons of great stuff there! Click the button to get signed up!

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Image of 3 children dressed up for Halloween. Text: Writing Centers Refresh OCTOBER!

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