Playful Literacy: 9 +1 Creative Sight Word Activities You’ll Absolutely Love

Image of sight words activties: Pop!, Tic Tac Toe, and Bingo.  Text: Playful Literacy: Creative Sight Word Activities.

Fun Sight Word Activities with Sight Word Cards

Learning “sight” words is an important part of students learning to read and to read fluently. These sight word activities will make learning sight words more fun and engaging! Students need a lot of practice with their sight words and these sight word activities are the favorites from my classroom.

  • Mark Them Up: Give each student a set of their own cards to mark (with a heart or star) to help them remember the tricky part.  Have your students store their word cards in their reading folder to practice at reading time or send them home to practice words as homework.
  • Sight Word Memory: Make 2 sets of the cards and use them to play a “memory” game.  Turn all the cards over to the blank back.  The first student turns over 2 cards and reads the words.  If they match, they keep the cards.  If they don’t match they turn the cards back over and play follows for the next student until all the cards have been matched.
  • Sight word relay: Flash a word card, first student to read it correctly gets the card.  Play follows until all the cards have been distributed.  If no one gets a word correct, read it together and put it at the back of the pile.  Whoever has the most cards wins.
  • Sight Word Slap:  Lay out the sight word cards face up.  Read them all and scramble them up.  Call out a word and the first student to slap it gets it.  You could do this with fly swatters, or game pieces (the first student to put their game piece on the correct word gets the card). Whoever has the most cards at the end wins!
  • Be a Word Detective: Find the sight words in a decodable reading passage or decodable reader highlight them, circle them ect.
  • Student Spelling Dictionary: Add or highlight in a Student Spelling Dictionary. This personal dictionary has a TON of sight words already included. Have your students find the sight words and highlight them. If they are not already in their dictionary, they can add them and practice their handwriting, so win-win!
  • Sight Word POP!: This game is just like “Kaboom”.  Make a set of cards that say POP! (a set is included in my Phonics Comics and Lessons).  Cut out and fold in half.  Make 2 sets of sight word cards you would like to practice.  Cut those out and fold them in half.  Put into a container (paper bag, coffee can, etc).  Player One takes a card.  If they can read the word, they keep the card.  If they can’t read it, it goes back.  If it is a “POP” card, they must put back all their cards.  The player with the most cards at the end wins!   
  • Sight Word Bingo:  Create a BINGO board, and use it with a dry-erase sleeve so it can be used more than once. This would be a good game if you are reviewing a lot of sight words, or you can use both sight words and other words.  Have students write a word in each box on their bingo board.  Call out the words and students mark it on their BINGO board.  4 in a row wins! BINGO boards are included in my Decodable Readers Phonics Lessons and Activities. Check them out!
  • Sight Word Tic-Tac-Toe:   The Tic-Tac-Toe boards included were made to be used with a dry-erase sleeve.  Students partner up.  Each student will “be” a sight word.  They write their word in the space instead of an X or an O.  3 in a row wins!
  • +1 Dry Erase Race:  You don’t need sight word cards for this activity, but you could use them to show students how to spell the word. Give each student a whiteboard, and dry-erase marker.  Pick a word the students will write.  Make sure that they know how to spell it.  Set a timer for 30 seconds.  Students NEATLY write the word as many times as they can until the timer goes off.  Whoever has written the word legibly the most time wins!

The best part about these fun sight word activities is that you can teach them to your students, and then let them play them independently during your word work time!

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Image of sight word activities: Bingo, Tic-Tac-Toe, and Pop!  Text: Playful Literacy: Creative Sight Word Activities.

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