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Ideas for Writing Journals for Elementary Students

I LOVE using Writing Journals with my students.  So much, that I am doing a blog series about Writing Journal Ideas for Elementary Students!  Welcome to Part 2!  If you missed Part 1, you can find it HERE!   Writing Journal Ideas Part 2: Writing Journal Types Just as varied as styles, there are tons of different types of journals you could have in your classroom. Subject Journals:  You could have journals for any of the subjects that you teach.  This could lead to having a TON of journals.  Or, if you are using a binder as a journal you could have different

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Classroom Library Makeover

So, if you have been around here at all, you will know that I am a children’s book addict enthusiast.  My classroom library is more of a library that has a classroom in it.  This year though my classroom library was starting to become a point of stress in my classroom. What do I mean?  Let me show you. This post contains an affiliate link to Amazon. Before my Classroom Library Makeover: A lot of my book boxes were stored on these metal cubes.  They worked FANTASTIC for the first few years that I had them.  After 7 years in

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Pattern Block Activities (with freebies)

I LOVE using pattern blocks in my classroom!  There are so many great activities that you can do with these versatile math manipulatives!  Read on to see how I use these fun math tools in my classroom. This blog post does contain an affiliate link for Amazon.  If you choose to purchase something through the links provided, I do receive a small commission at no cost to you.  I use this money to purchase things for my classroom that I blog about. Thank you for your support! Pattern block activities are always a hit with my kiddos.  I even had

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Cause and Effect with Potato Pants!

Oh My Goodness!  If you haven’t read this book yet, you really need to go out and get this hilarious book! Read on my friend… This post does contain affiliate links.  If you use the link I will receive a small commission at no cost to you. Thanks so much for your support. I am so excited about his book!  It is so fun.  You have to check out the trailer: My kiddos loved this story too! Potato is really excited because Lance Vance’s Fancy Pants store is having a sale on Potato Pants! Unfortunately, Potato’s arch enemy Eggplant is there.

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Winter Teaching Ideas

Winter Resource I Love!

    I have teamed up with some other amazing teacher authors to bring you this fun winter link up! Read on to see some amazing resources to help you keep them thinking all winter long!         Winter is (in my opinion) the best season for reading!  Curl up with a good book and a cup of hot cocoa!  Help your kiddos to find the joy in winter reading with these fun  reading logs and challenges!   So much great reading stuff in one place!  I love sending home the reading challenge at the beginning of the month

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Asking questions read aloud

Springing Into Action: Asking Questions with The Wednesday Surprise

Teaching my students to ask and answer questions while reading is one of my favorite units to teach!  Why?   The books of course! Keep reading for a freebie and even more great reading ideas!   This post contains affiliate links for Amazon. By purchasing an item on the Amazon site using these links, I will receive a small commission on your purchase (with no extra cost to you). For more information about my Disclosure Policy, please visit this link!   I always introduce Asking Questions with a brown paper bag. I place something inside and let the kiddos ask questions. Then, we talk about which questions were

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Choosing a good fit book

Mentor Text for Choosing a Good Fit Book!

    Hello! Welcome back to Mentor Text Monday (the post formerly known as Book Talk Tuesday).   Today I am featuring: Goldi Socks and The Three Libearians by Jacki Mims Hopkins! Every school year we spend a ton of time teaching our kiddos how to choose books that are a Good Fit for them.   This book is how I kick off my whole unit! In the story Goldi Socks discovers a house filled with books belonging to the Libearian family. Of course Goldi has to find something to read! She uses the five finger rule, and lots of trial and

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Book Talk Tuesday: My Teacher is a Monster by Peter Brown (with a little freebie!)

This post contains an affiliate link.  See below! Click on the picture for a video of the story! (Note: it is not my video!) Hello again!  Thank you so much for dropping by my humble little corner of Cyberspace! Today I want to share with you an adorable book by Peter Brown!  My Teacher is a Monster (No, I’m Not!)  The main character Bobby is one of those “happy little classroom challenges”.  His teacher Ms. Kirby is known to do a little stomping and a little roaring! But one day, they run into each other at the park, and a gust of

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The Seating Situation! Traditional? Alternative? Hybrid! Oh my!

Today I wanted to talk about seating.  I have seen TONS of blog posts, Instagram pics, and Facebook Posts about flexible seating in the classroom!  It is all a buzz in the teaching world!I have wanted to try flexible seating in my classroom for years! The problem? 1.  Storage.  There was no place in our schoolhouse to store all of the desks that I didn’t want.  2. We have recently gone 1:1 with Chromebooks and I needed the kiddos to have a place where they could put/use their Chromebooks without fear of damage.  3. Some kiddos REALLY like having their

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Hello all! I am writing this week about things that made me smile this week! With so much negativity going on about schools and teachers I thought I would start focusing on the positive.  Of course, my students make me smile everyday! I discovered this week that one of my students might be a little OCD. My math tools have never been so organized! Even the pattern block templates are all lined up! We started a new grading period on Monday!  That means NEW PENCILS! Aren’t they pretty? I use Everyday Math in my classroom, so we count the days

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Ben Rides On!

Hi all!  If you are looking for my next installment (and Freebie) for the Young Hoosier Book Award nominees, it is over at Who’s Who and Who’s New this week!  Click on the picture and go and see what is going on (and get your freebie!) Thanks so much for stopping by!

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Young Hoosier Book Award Nominees and How I am using them in my classroom…with a freebie!

Hello all! So, this week I am starting a series on the Young Hoosier Book Award Nominees for 2015-2016. If you look at the official website, it says: “The purpose of the Young Hoosier Book Award Program is to stimulate recreational reading among elementary and middle school/junior high school children and to encourage cooperation between administrators, school media specialists, teachers, public libraries, and the community in providing reading experiences for Indiana school children.” You can click on this picture to learn more Every year our wonderful librarian participates in this program. We keep track of the books that the kiddos

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