Tips for Parent Teacher Conferences with a Freebie

5 Easy Teacher Tips for Parent-Teacher Conferences

  It’s that time of year again,  Parent-teacher conferences!  Now, I know that some teachers dread parent-teacher conferences. I am not one of them.  I enjoy (most) of my parent-teacher conferences, so I thought I would share some teacher tips for parent teacher conferences to help YOU enjoy them a little more!  Click the read more button to read on!   Teacher Tips for Parent-Teacher Conferences #1: Entertain the Siblings! It is inevitable that parents will need to bring their children to conferences.  Sometimes it just can’t be helped.  Make sure that you have some items where the kiddos can entertain themselves

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Getting Ready for Back to School

Back to School Open House Ideas

Back to School is just about here (for me at least).  Here are the things that I have been working on in my classroom to Get Ready for Back to School and some fun Back to School Open House Ideas! Back to School Classroom Set-Up!  Where do I begin? Here is what my room looked like the first day that I walked in: Over the years I have learned that I have a tendency to get off track when setting up my room.  I always have grand plans for projects that I would like to do over the summer.  Sometimes

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Back to School

Back to School Self Care

Welcome back to my Getting Ready for Back to School Blog Mini-Series!  So, only 2 weeks left to go.  You know what that means right?  You are running “Outatime”!  Your summer is ALMOST over!  What am I doing?  Back to School Self Care! ME time…  or more importantly, family time!  This is a great time to STOP thinking about school for a minute.  I know, I know.  That is REALLY tough, but once school starts it is even HARDER to stop thinking about school for a minute.  Do it NOW.  I promise you won’t regret it. Back to School Self

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Back to School

Getting Ready for Back To School Mini Blog Series: 3 weeks to go…

Welcome back to my Getting Ready to Go Back to School Blog Mini-Series!  So, three more weeks until back to school.  So, what am I doing now?  Now is the time to MAKE STUFF!  Now, I don’t go crazy making stuff, but I started a list at the end of last year of things that I wanted to make (or remake) for this upcoming school year.  This is also the time that I start making my (big) purchases so I can be sure that my classroom is set up (coming up later in the series) for Meet the Teacher Night, which

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Get Back to School Ready! One month + before!

How to Get Back to School Ready with a Month or More to go! 4 Ideas and a Free To-Do List

Am I ready to go back to school? NO!  Am I thinking about going back to school? Yes, I begrudgingly admit that I am thinking about it!  I still have a little more than a month left of summer vacation, but here is how I get back to school ready!  Read on and don’t forget to pick up your freebie! This post contains affiliate links for Amazon. By purchasing an item on the Amazon site using these links, I will receive a small commission on your purchase (with no extra cost to you). For more information about my Disclosure Policy, please visit

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Teacher Bullet Journal: My teacher planner

My Bullet Journal: One planner does it all (almost)!

I, like you, wear many hats in a day.  I am a wife, a mother (of a teen and a tween), a teacher, a union discussion representative, a blogger, and a teacherprenuer!  Phew!  Seeing it all written out like (and the list isn’t totally complete) makes me tired.  I have to keep up with it all somehow!  That is why the word teacher is in quotes.  This is about my bullet journal. It helps me Keep it All together in one spot!  Before I go on, I have to caveat a little…I do NOT lesson plan in my bullet journal.

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Valentine's Day gift idea for my students!

Valentine’s Day Gift Idea for my students! With a Cootie Catcher Freebie!

I LOVE Valentine’s Day.  But, if your school is anything like mine, there isn’t a lot of time for Valentine’s Day! I have a fun Valentine’s Day Gift Idea that you can incorporate right into your Writer’s Workshop or Writing Center for the big day! So, without further ado… This year for Valentine’s Day, I got my kiddos: Fun blank books I found in the Dollar Spot at Target!  Fun Scentos Pens that I found at Meijer, and a fun Valentine’s Day themed Writing Prompt Cootie Catcher! Each section of the cootie catcher has a different story element for your

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Printing affordably

Shhh…I have the secret to printing in color…affordably!

You really don’t want to miss out on this! Do you like printing in color? Oh, come on, who doesn’t right? Now you can print in color without breaking the bank! How? Have you heard of HP Instant Ink? This is seriously a game changer! Note: This post contains affiliate links.  I am a teacher, I have an HP printer and I use Instant Ink!  This post is my honest opinion of both. Here is how it works! First, you have to have a printer that is HP Instant Ink Compatible!Click HERE to find a list of eligible printers:  I

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Spring Teaching Ideas for Primary Grades

Spring Teaching Ideas

  Ah, Spring!  It’s in in the air.  Looking for some fun Spring Teaching Ideas? Keep Reading!   I don’t know about you, but my students are READY for Spring!  There is a definite air of Spring Fever in our classroom!  So, I needed some fun Spring Teaching Ideas, and I figured that you might too!   Spring Teaching Idea 1:Digital Sequence and Write Here are a few Digital activities that I created for working on sequencing.   This first item is fully interactive.  Your students move the pictures into the correct order, then write the sequence using the transition

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Fostering Independence in the Classroom

Let Them Do it! Fostering Independence in the Classroom!

We all want our students to be independent.  We want them to figure out a solution to the problem, to get their work done, to make sure that they put their things away, and not lose their homework.  Check out some ways that I am fostering independence in the classroom! So, I figured out the other day that I have been teaching for 17 years.  Sheesh, that seems like such a long time, but it has really flown by! One of the things that I have always had some trouble with is being a control freak, perfectionist,  little reluctant to relinquish

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Fundraising Ideas that do not involve selling things.

Elementary School Fundraising Idea that Doesn’t Include Selling

Hello all! If your school is anything like ours, you are always looking for ways to raise a little money to help the kiddos out with something or another. Our school is no exception! One of our brilliant teachers came up with a way to make a little extra money that the kiddos LOVE!   We have a team of kiddos at our school who are currently raising funds for St. Baldrick’s.  They are shaving their heads to raise money to help defeat childhood cancer.  Here is what we are doing to help them meet their goal.  Each Friday until

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The Care and Feeding of My Classroom Library Part 1 : Organization!

I have been a teacher now for 17 years.  My biggest passion as a teacher is teaching children how to read and love books.  When you walk into my classroom, the first thing that you notice (besides the bright orange couch) is my book collection.   I have a problem passion for collecting books for my classroom library!   So, just for fun, a rough estimate mind you, I probably have over 2,000 books in my little classroom library.  I believe the best way to get children interested in reading is to give them a choice in what they read.  Of

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