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It’s that time of year….Back to School! The Reading Crew is here with some back to school teaching ideas! Stick around to find some amazing back-to-school teaching ideas, freebies, and a giveaway!

Back to school Teaching Ideas: 1st Day Keepsake Mini-Book!

The first day is always so exciting and filled with activity! One of the first writing activities that I like to do is a first day of school mini-book. This is so super easy. You print, copy, and give each kiddo a mini-book. If you would like, you could add a picture of yourself or your bitmoji (I don’t know about you, but I LOVE my bitmoji) to the teacher section before you make your copies. They fold it in half on the dotted line, then fold it in half again. Then, they have their book!

Start by walking your students through the different prompts. If you are feeling really ambitious, you can take your cherub’s pictures and print them to add to their mini-book!

Have your students talk to the person sitting next to them to make sure that they spell their names correctly!

Then, their homework for the night is to share their first day of school mini-book with their grown-ups when they go home! Parents always appreciate hearing about their child’s day and this little mini-book helps with the conversation! Would you like one? You can find my freebie along with many other ideas and freebies by downloading this amazing #backtoschoolmadeeasy E-Book!

Back to School Teaching Ideas: Writer’s Workshop

We start working on building our classroom procedures on our first day!

Writer’s Workshop is what I call the chunk of time that I set aside for my students to write everyday. It looks a little something like this:

  • Mini-Lesson
  • Independant Writing
  • Conferences
  • Sharing

Of course, it doesn’t look that way on day one. On day one we start building our stamina for our independant writing time. We start off with 2-3 minutes and build on that until my students can write without assistance for 20 min.

In order to help your students build up their writing stamina, it always helps to make sure that they have something to write on, and something to write about!

Enter, Picture Writing Prompts. This set is perfect for helping your student build their writing stamina on the first few days of school! They are super fun, no prep (just print and go). These are a great starter set! For each visual writing prompt the children choose from 2 characters, 2 settings, and 2 plot (action) ideas. They have space to draw a picture and a few lines to write their story!

You can find them on TPT by clicking HERE or the picture above.

This set also contains some fun cut and paste prompts! The students choose what items they want in their story, cut them out and add them to the background, then write the story and color the picture! These writing prompts with pictures are SO FUN!

back to school picture writing prompts

If your students are a little more advanced, or need a bit more of a challenge, I also have these picture writing prompts with more choices and more lines for your students. You can check them out HERE!

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