Increase Student Engagement with 5 Fun Sticker Ideas for Your Classroom

Hey there! If you have been around here for a bit, you probably know that I LOVE STICKERS! I used stickers for so many things in my room, so I thought that I would share some ideas with you.

Title Image with 2 children with stickers on their faces: Increase Student Engagment with 5 Fun Sticker Ideas for Your Classroom!

My kiddos always LOVED stickers as well! It helped that the “water bottle stickers” trend started a few years ago. In this post, I share some fun ways to help you increase student engagement with some fun sticker ideas!

I also have a fun Sticker Story freebie in my free resource library when you sign up for my newsletter! This post contains affiliate links for Amazon products. If you purchase anything through these links, I will receive a small commission at no cost to you!

#1 Ideas for Making Your Own Stickers

Another fun sticker idea is making your own stickers! I am not an expert on sticker making, and I don’t have a Cricut or any fancy equipment. I find clipart and images that I like, add them to a page of labels (smaller size for smaller stickers and a larger size for larger stickers: links are affiliate links to Amazon) in PowerPoint or Publisher, and print. They also make full-size sticker sheets if you can believe it! (affiliate link). Then I cut them out (or let the students cut them out). I love doing it this way because I can make stickers using my Bitmoji (the kiddos LOVE using and getting stickers of their teacher! You could also have your students make their own avatars using Pixton. Then, you can make your students personalized stickers! Super fun!

Image of a printer with words: Make Your Own Stickers

#2 Sticker Ideas: Magnets

My students LOVE these! Laminate your stickers, cut them out, and add a magnet to the back! The kiddos can put them on the metal sides of their desks, put them on their lockers, or you could use them on the whiteboard. These would be great for a magnetic storytelling/writing area in your classroom as they could be used over and over again! They make great rewards and the students LOVE to collect them!

#3 Special Sticker Idea

This was one of my student’s favorites! This really would work with anything special that is easy for the kiddos to spot. I had a special Storm Trooper sticker. I laminated it and put a magnet on the back. I would hide the sticker somewhere in the classroom (so the kiddos could see it). When the students came in in the morning they would look for the Storm Trooper. You could do so many things with this. The first one to spot it and bring it to you could get a special privilege (line leader, helper). You could have that student hide it the next day or after lunch. Making up stories about the sticker and why it is hiding in certain places would be a fun activity for your writing time or writing center. Ours kinda became our mascot because I have a “behavior buddy” Storm Trooper toy as well. My students LOVED to come into the classroom in the morning and look for the Storm Trooper Sticker!

#4 Shout-Out Stickers

Image of a child shouting with the words: Shout Out Stickers

Stickers on student papers are always a favorite! Sometimes I want to see how the students did on a paper, but I really am not interested in taking a grade, so, pop a sticker on it! My students LOVE them! If your students are like I was when I was a student, I wanted to keep all of my stickers, so I would cut my sticker off of my paper (after I showed my grown-ups of course). But then, it wasn’t sticky anymore! See the section below on Saving Stickers to see how to save even non-sticky stickers!

If you are looking to Shout-Out your students for meeting specific learning goals or meeting certain classroom expectations, Shout-Out Stickers are the BEST! They require very little prep, just print, cut, and stick! There are so many ways to use these fun stickers!

#5 Sticker Ideas for the Writing Center

My Writing Center is one of the most popular spots in my classroom! A favorite writing activity is Sticker Stories! There are lots of ways to do sticker stories. The simplest is to give your students some stickers and a piece of writing paper with a story box. Your students stick their stickers on the paper in the story box, add a background, and write the story!

Or, you could use these adorable Sticker Stories with a super fun background (black and white or color). These also include a word bank to help to get your students started with their writing. Just add stickers! There are a million different types of stickers that you can find, so I put some into my Amazon Store as a starting point! This is an affiliate link, so if you purchase anything through this link I do get a small commission at no cost to you!

Another fun Sticker Idea that will get your kiddos writing is to make sticker trading cards! My students were always so crazy about Pokemon cards, so I made a super fun Trading Card writing Template so the kiddos could make their own cards.

Image of 3 Sticker Trading Cards.

You can find the Sticker Trading Card Template in my Fall Sticker Stories product! Each sticker story product comes in color and black and white, and each one has a special type of sticker writing template! Winter Sticker Stories have a cute printable mini-book template, Spring Sticker Stories have a blank printable newspaper template, Summer Sticker Stories have blank, printable social media templates, Fairy Tale Sticker stories (my favorite) include a Fairy Tale Menu printable template, and blank recipe card templates, Sports Sticker Stories include a blank team roster and tournament bracket, and the Anytime Sticker Stories come with a blank, printable, comic strip template!

+1 Saving Stickers

Students can save their stickers with these self-adhesive photo album pages! When I was a kiddo, we bought inexpensive self-adhesive photo albums! That way you could sticker a sticker in the album even if the sticky on the back was gone!

I found these self-adhesive refill pages on Amazon (affiliate link). If you have a learning binder of some sort, give your students each a page (teach them how to use it of course) and let them keep it in their learning binder! Whenever they get a sticker, they can put it on their special sticker page and keep it! They can also trade stickers (oh, bringing back the memories) with their classmates during inside recess or other downtimes (like there is much of that these days, am I right?).

Fun Sticker Ideas List on Amazon

This is an affiliate link to my Sticker Ideas list on Amazon. If you purchase anything through this link I will receive a small commission from Amazon at no cost to you! Thank you so much!

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