Cure Winter Blues with Festive Winter Activities in Your Classroom

Winter activities are coming! I live in an area where winter means snow. It is inevitable, the first snow of the season will happen during school hours. Stop what you are doing and take your students outside for a few minutes (if feasible). They will appreciate it, and it will help with the distraction, and it makes a great brain break. If you can’t take them outside, at least give them a minute or 2 to stare out the window and talk about the snow. It is something that they will remember!

They will also remember these fun winter activities that will keep your students engaged through the crazy season! 🙂

Cure Winter Blues with Festive Winter Activities for Your Classroom!  Image of child's hand on a window

Winter Activities: Ambience Videos

So, when I was in the classroom (and honestly now that I am at home), I love to have a little background music. If there is a lovely picture to go with it, all the better! There are so many lovely Winter Ambience Music videos on YouTube there are some for everyone! I used to love to play the Star Wars ambient music videos because my classroom was Star Wars-themed. Is there anything more lovely on a winter day than a cozy fireplace?

My students loved to listen to music. I kept the volume pretty low, so they had to talk quietly to hear the music. Win-win! It helps to create a relaxed atmosphere as well. They especially loved the fireplace during reading time. Most would choose to sit on the rug with their books right in front of the screen. Very cozy!

Winter Activities: Pattern Blocks!

Winter Activities: Image of fun pattern block mat challenge and text: Pattern Blocks!

If you have been here to Primary Planet in the past, you know that I LOVE Pattern Blocks! There are so many fun activities that you can do with pattern blocks! I usually have a big tub of them as a math center or math exploration. The kiddos also LOVE to play with them during recess time.

If you are looking for some pattern block activities that are a little more structured, I have several pattern block mats and games for you to check out! These are super easy and low prep too! Print, add dice, and pattern blocks. Watch the wheels turn as your students complete the challenges and play the games. My kiddos always LOVED these! Especially the themed ones to go with the season.

Want to try them? Grab this Pattern Block Freebie and try them with your students!

Winter Writing Activities

Winter Activities-Sentenece a Day Image and text

I admit it. I love writing activities! There is something about watching the kiddos with their pencils and their ideas getting excited about what they are putting down on paper. Sometimes though, I only have a really short amount of time to teach writing! What can one do?

Sentence a Day! Teach what you need to teach with just a sentence a day. These are super low prep, short, effective writing lessons that you can teach and the students can practice in just 20 min. or less. Project the anchor chart and writing activity, and pass out the page (or have your students get out a piece of paper). Talk about it, do one together, then the students work on a sentence of their own. Share, and you’re done! Easy peasy, fun, and effective! Want to try one? Sign up for my newsletter and get access to my Free Resource Library and a free week of Sentence a Day to try out!

Winter Activities: Brain Breaks!

Winter Activities Brain Breaks with an image of children break dancing! It's super cute.

Good heavens! We all need a good brain break now and again! I have found some super fun brain breaks on Youtube! I always try to do at least 2-3 Brain Breaks a day. I do one after our Morning Meeting, when we get back from lunch and recess, and one in the afternoon either after our special class or between subjects! My students LOVE the interactive “chase” videos where they have to jump, duck, and dodge obstacles! You can find a TON just by searching Winter Brain Breaks for Kids!

It was so awesome to see you! Thank you for stopping by! Please pin the image below and share these super fun winter activities! Thanks again!

Winter Activities Pin with Students Dancing

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