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Help! My Classroom is haunted…

by these adorable milk jug ghosties!  Two of my very crafty parents came in on Friday to help my kiddos create this adorable craft!  I believe that the idea came from a pin on pinterest, but I think it is from this site originally.  They turned out really cute!  We plan to use them for our school wide Halloween celebration!  The kiddos were very creative with their faces (I even have a ninja ghost)!  It really was amazingly simple and inexpensive.  Boo!

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Desk Islands

Of course, after I took these pictures I rearranged my classroom, but these show my desk islands better.  This summer while blog hopping I saw something similar that at teacher had made using bookshelves.  I just couldn’t spend any more money on my classroom so I had to compromise using what I already had.  Basically, I had our custodian lower several of the desks in my classroom as far as they could go to create “islands” where the kiddos could easily store their book boxes and table caddies.  I am still trying to figure something out to attach to the caddies

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I admit it. I have a problem.

I love to rearrange my classroom.  I know I shouldn’t because it hypes the kiddos up and makes for a tough day, but I love to rearrange.  My husband hates when I rearrange at home, so I feel the need to do it at school.  I can always justify my choice.  This time is because we were crowded.  I had a couple of kiddos that would get into fights because their chairs would bang into each other every time they moved.  It was time right?  Anyway.  I have more kiddos this year then I am used to, plus I have

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Morning Meeting Area

Do you have a morning meeting area? A place where you meet with your whole class? What do you call your special meeting area? I do most of my instruction with the kiddos sitting in our morning meeting area.  Last year, I had an orange rug, so anytime we gathered together I would say “Meet me at the orange rug.”  Well, the beloved “orange rug” fell apart by the end of its 3rd year in my classroom (pretty good for a $20 area rug from Meijer I think!).  So, I worked summer school this summer to buy my new rug.  I

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