Fall Story Starters: Cootie Catchers for Writing!



Fall Story Starters: Cootie Catchers for Writing!

Story Starters to the rescue!  Does this ever happen to you?  You do an amazing writing mini-lesson and you send your students off to do some independent writing, and within minutes you have students saying “I don’t know what to write about!!”  No more!  These fun Story Starter Cootie Catchers have tons of fun ideas that your students will LOVE!
Kiddos love playing with cootie catchers, these also have character, setting, and plot ideas for your students to use in their writing!

Each story starter cootie catcher has 4 setting choices, 8 character choices, and 8 plot choices! Your students play with the cootie catcher to make their choices, then write the story using the story elements that they have chosen!

These super fun hands-on writing prompts include:

✏️ 5 different story starters with Fall Themes:

  • 1 Back to School Cootie Catcher
  • 2 Basic Fall Story Starter
  • 1 Halloween Writing Prompt Cootie Catcher
  • 1 Thanksgiving Story Starter

✏️ 1 Blank Cootie Catcher for students to make their own!

✏️ Each Cootie Catcher comes in both color and black and white

✏️ Story Elements Poster

✏️ Fall Writing Paper with Story Elements boxes to write choices

✏️ Fall Writing Paper with picture box

✏️ Fall Writing Paper full-page lined

All writing paper comes in both plain and primary lines

✏️Folding instructions with step-by-step photos and a link to a folding video!

These story starters are perfect for Writer’s Workshop, Writing Center, and substitute teachers!

These would also be great for oral storytelling!

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Image of a fall story starter cootie catcher and writing paper to go with it. Text: Cootie Catcher Writing Prompts Fall

Fall Story Starters: Cootie Catchers for Writing!