Monster Menu: Halloween Writing Project

Monster Menu! Halloween Writing Project Idea!

Free Halloween Writing Project

Hello!  Did you come here looking for a Fun October Poem and Writing Activity?



Maybe you just came looking for a great Halloween Writing Freebie?
Either way, you are in luck!

Monster Menu!  Fun, free October Poem and Writing Activity!


Things didn’t quite work out the way I planned on Friday, so we decided to make Monster Menus!
Each year about this time we read a poem called If a Giant Monster.  I am not sure who wrote the poem, but it is about inviting monsters in to have something to eat.  Of course, this lead to a discussion about what Monsters eat.  It got a little grisly, but we had some good giggles.
We also talked about what monsters might pay with if they had “monster money”.  Here is a picture of our brainstorming session:
Brainstorming Monster Menu ideas and Monster Money ideas!
I was love doing this activity because the kiddos get a big kick out of it!  I even had a few of my boys ask if they could stay in from recess to finish theirs!


The boys loved this fun Halloween Writing Project!


They loved sharing and trying to outdo each other!
The girls enjoyed this activity as well:
Example of a student's Monster Menu!

But, I know you are here for the Halloween Writing Project Freebie Right?

 Get your poem and Monster Menu here for free (just click on the picture below):

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Monster Menu Halloween Writing Project

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