I bought a Zip Printer. Now what?

So, I will admit…sometimes I buy things that I want BEFORE I know what I am going to do with them.
For me teaching is more than just my career, it is also my passion and my hobby.  Most of the things that I buy anymore are things that I plan to use in my classroom.
So, when I saw these fun little Zip Printers, I knew I had to have one.  I didn’t know what I was going to use it for, but I HAD to have one! If you haven’t discovered these little wonders yet, you are in for a treat!  When you get one, you download the app to your phone, then you load in the special Zink paper.  You print 2×3 pics straight from your phone!  They also have sticky backs, perfect for sticking them in your lesson plans!
Since then I have found several uses for it in my classroom.
Another admission…I love lesson planning!  I love getting my ducks in a row for the next week and having everything written down and ready!  Yes, I am old school, I still hand write my lesson plans.  Anyway,  I also keep my lesson plans from year to year!  Somewhere in my classroom I have my lesson plans from my very first year of teaching!  I know, scary.
So, I use my Zip Printer to help me with my plans.
I don’t always do the same things every year, but I do the same basic lessons, so having a photo record of the anchor charts that I use is extremely helpful!  That way I don’t have to keep the actual anchor chart.
Lift the flap zip pictures in my lesson plans.
I also print pictures of the anchor charts that my colleagues are doing for ideas for the next year.  The pictures that the Zip Printer prints have sticky back.  By peeling down just the top part of the backing I can stick the pictures in my plans and lift them up to see what is under them!
 Zip pics in lesson plans.
I also have taken pictures of things that I want to remember for next year. You can print in collage mode as well and get several pics on one printed photo!
Zip pics in lesson plans.
They are small enough to stick right on my actual lesson plans!
The one above shows the morning message that I wrote to my kiddos on Talk Like a Pirate Day, and my themed bookshelf: Bluey McBookshelf.
I also took a picture of my Science Writing Mini-Anchor chart and the way that I have my kiddos desks set up for open house!
I LOVE my Zip Printer!  I keep thinking of other ways to use it as well:
Pinterest Pins
Miniature Bulletin Boards
About the Author Pages
Class trading cards
If you would like one for yourself, you can use this affiliate link to Amazon to get one for yourself!
The link above is an Amazon Affiliate link.  If you would like to get your own copy you can click the link and go straight to Amazon.  If you make a purchase from Amazon I will receive a small commission at no cost to you. Thank you for your support!

What would you use it for?

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