Pumpkin Math!

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Whew!  One more day to go.. This has been a very busy week with Halloween and all! 

This week has been all about Pumpkins!  We started out by “activating our schema” about pumpkins.  Then, we read Gail Gibbons Pumpkin book.  We just love Gail Gibbons!  We took some notes together using this form (which is a freebie by the way!) 

Then yesterday we got our hands dirty!  I had some gracious parent volunteers come in to help.  The kiddos started the day by doing some estimating about their pumpkin.  They estimated how much they thought it weighed, how big its circumference was, how many seeds were inside, how long the stem was, and how many cups of water would fit inside once it was empty!  Wow!  We covered a lot of math.  The kiddos learned that the easiest way to count the seeds was to put them in groups of ten.  Of course the best part was finding out which pumpkin had the most seeds!  True to the book How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin by Margaret McNamara, our littlest pumpkins had the most!  I took the seeds home with me tonight and they are roasting in the oven as I type.  I am taking them in for snack for the kiddos tomorrow!   A great, goopy time was had by all!  🙂

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