Just a reflection today.

Okay, I have been up to my ears in grading papers, doing school projects with my boys and coming down with a cold! I had a really great day at school today, but did nothing miraculous or picture worthy!  Now wait a minute…I guess if I stop to reflect (which as a teacher I have little time to do) today was wonderful!  The kiddos did what they were supposed to do, I had a teachable moment and the resources to carry it out, we had fun playing WORDO,and  I got wear p.j.’s and have lunch with a great group of kiddos.

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Opinion Poll: digital or print?

I want to start by saying I LOVE TECHNOLOGY (until it doesn’t work, then I don’t).  I have and ipod (which I listen to audio books on), a laptop (where I incessantly read blogs), a tablet computer (with the Kindle app), not to mention an iPad (provided by my school to do MCLASS assessments).  I love the idea of being able to carry around a whole library on a device!  (Maybe I would feel differently if I had a smartphone…)But….There is something wonderful about sitting down with a book (or laying down, I am a librocubicularist: one who loves to read in bed).

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area lesson for 2nd grade

Area lesson for 2nd Grade

I most definitely cannot take credit for this adorable area lesson for 2nd grade idea, I saw it on Pinterest, then remembered to do the activity from my wonderful teaching friend.   Area Critters!Well, some critters and other whatnots. All you need is:  1 in. graph paper Construction paper pencils and crayons Imaginative kiddos My 2nd graders had a great time with this activity. Here’s what some of my darlings came up with: Aren’t the turtles cute?   T-Rex     Snowy Owl   not a critter, but a birthday cake!   I thought that they were pretty original! Don’t

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Mentor Text Link Up! Happy International Children’s Book Day!

I am linking up with Collaboration Cuties for their Mentor Text linky!  I love children’s books and what a better day to do it than on International Children’s book day? I love this book!  Of course, I love pretty much anything by Chris Van Allsberg!  It is about a farmer who accidentally hits a man with his truck.  He brings the man home.  The Stranger doesn’t speak, but enjoys his time with the farmer and his family.  The strange thing is, summer seems to be going on for n extra long time!   I cheated a little on the One

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Family Reading Night!

Friday was our second annual Family Reading Night at school.  I was on the committee last year, but this year I was was asked to head the committee.  I was a little nervous, but I said that I would do it! I must confess that I lost some sleep over the whole thing, but it turned out to be a lot of fun!   We had some great volunteer readers: Two wonderful teachers from a local pre-school (they got to see a lot of “alumni”!), two K-9 police officers with their dogs, a soccer coach (who did some great soccer

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Image of coffee and a napkin. Text: Coffee House Poetery

Coffee House Poetry!

I have mentioned in several of my previous blog posts about Coffee House Poetry and a few people asked me to tell them more!  So, here we go!   We did our Coffee House Poetry Celebration today and it was a hit!  I have to say that this is not an original idea it comes from Debbie Miller’s wonderful book Reading with Meaning.  (She has since come out with a second edition that I haven’t read yet, but it is on my wishlist!)  As soon as we get back from Christmas vacation, we start our poetry writing unit.  This is

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Reading Engagement Idea!

One of my very favorite parts of teaching is reading aloud to the kiddos.  The number one Reading Engagement Idea that I use in my classroom is reading aloud great books! I always try to pick a story that moves me as well as them.  I have a really awesome group of “story kiddos” this year.  No matter how they behave the rest of the day, they are good as gold when I read a story!   That being said, I read a lot! At the end of my amazing read-aloud, the kiddos always want the book that I have read.

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Classroom Publishing…and a freebie!

Hey everyone!  It’s been a little while, but it has been crazy busy around here.  Who isn’t now a days right?  Anywho, I wanted to blog about a subject near and dear to my heart today.  Classroom publishing!  Do you “Publish” your kiddos writing?  It is a huge motivator in my room.  The kiddos love to see their finished writing all pretty and put together.  It is a process though, it does take a lot of work.    Up until recently I have had to use our school binding machine.  But I won a binding machine of my own and

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I must start by saying that I cannot take credit for the idea that I will be blogging about.  I stole it from one of my teaching partners who heard about it from her cousin, who’s son goes to school with this girl who heard about it from her dentist’s cousin’s teacher.  Actually, I am pretty sure my teaching partner got the idea from Pinterest.  VERB SUPER HEROS!  My kiddos loved this!  They got so creative.  I have a pretty creative group this year, so it was right up their alley.  Of course, I did get some adjective and noun

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Tweaked Emergency Idea!

My badge with the list inside! Wow!  My last several blog posts have been un-teachery!  I need to get back to the teacher stuff!  🙂As with all teachers I am always looking for new ways to make my life easier! Funny, but there are some aspects to teaching that I never really took to much time to think about.  I just did them like everyone else!  Then, Pinterest came along and changed all of that.  I have learned so many great ideas through Pinterest and teacher blogs that I can’t keep up with it all!  Anyway, one of the things that

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Naked Turkeys!

Naked Turkeys, Turkeys in Disguise, Disguise a Turkey…whatever you call it this is a great family activity to do in November! Naked Turkeys I love this project!  I have been doing this project my entire teaching career (all 23 years of it)!  I am sure that you know what I am talking about…Disguise a turkey so it won’t get eaten for Thanksgiving.  We start by reading the classic tale: (this is an affiliate link. If you purchase anything through this link I get a small commission at no cost to you) Turkey Trouble by Wendi Silvano. The turkey in this

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descriptive writing lesson idea

Easy Descriptive Writing Lessons Your Students will Actually Enjoy!

Descriptive Writing with Food! Descriptive writing is always a fun one to teach. Anytime you can use food in a lesson, it is a hit. Especially with a sweet treat like Oreos! This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase anything through the links, I get a small commission at no cost to you. Thanks so much! Before we start, I read a book that is the furthest thing from Oreos! It is called Toad by Ruth Brown. I always read this one because it is full of amazing adjectives! It is about a disgusting Toad living in a swamp.

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