Halloween Poem/Monster Menu

Get yours here! So, back to thinking about poetry. Every year about this time, our poem of the week is called: If a Giant Monster… It is adorable! I did not write this poem, nor do I know who did, but we use it every year and the kiddos love it! We then talk about what kinds of things we think that monsters would like to eat, such as ketchup soup and mustard stew. The boys especially like this one. Then, we make a Monster Menu with all sorts of nasty items we think that Monsters would like to eat

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reading homework with dog in glasses standing on a book. it's pretty adorable.

Reading Homework

Where are you on the homework / no homework debate?  Read on! To send homework or to not send homework?  That is the question! How do you do reading homework?  I think that for some people, reading logs are a dirty word.  I am on the fence about “homework”.  I make it clear to my parents at the beginning of the school year that any homework that I send home is optional.  They can choose whether or not their children complete it. (Only exception is if I send something home that a child does not complete during class time).   I am

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No name papers hack with image of a blue pocket chart

No Name Papers Hack!

Ugh…no-name papers. They are the worst, aren’t they? I came up with this little hack a few years ago, and now I don’t sweat it anymore! This post does contain an Amazon Affiliate link. If you purchase anything through my link I receive a small commission at no cost to you. So, onto the No Name Papers Hack! But, I am much more organized at school than I am at home.  A few years ago I discovered something that helps me stay organized when it comes to students handing in assignments. It doesn’t look like much, but it works for

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easy classroom management idea

Easy Classroom Management Idea

I love it when I have a brilliant idea (well, I think it’s brilliant)!  Who doesn’t right?  Easy Classroom Management Idea for your Writing Center! I am always looking for an easy classroom management idea! In my room, we use a lot of paper. My writing center is a popular place all throughout the day! My students can use the writing center in the morning when they are finished with their morning work, during the Writing Workshop (of course), when they are finished with their classwork, etc. My students also love to use my writing center during inside recess! That

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