Stop, Swap, and Roll!

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Hurrah!  I love trying out new things in my classroom and this was no exception!  
My swap partner was Planet Happy Smiles!  

Planet Happy Smiles

They sent me their Class Writing Journal Covers to try out!
Class Writing Journals, writing, journals

I have been wanting to try this forever and this was the perfect chance!  I chose a few I thought would spark my students imagination, printed them, and used packaging tape to affix them to the composition notebooks!  Aren’t they pretty?
Writing journals, class writing journals
Also included was this label to put on the container you plan to store your journals in!  Here is mine:
It fit perfectly on my basket!  I was pretty excited.
I put them out the morning I planned to introduce them and of course, with anything new, they caused quite a stir!  The kiddos were very excited to see what this new thing was in the classroom!
I started by modeling my own journal entry.  I wrote about my favorite movie: The Goonies!  Of course then we had to stop to have a discussion about our favorite movies!  When it was time to go write, of course there was a mad rush to the basket!
class writing journal in action class writing journals in action
They did a pretty nice job don’t you think?
My class LOVES these!  They are very popular.  In my room the favorite is the movie journal.  I had to go excavate it from a desk the other day because a kiddo didn’t get to finish his entry and he didn’t want anyone else reading it until it was done!
Thank you Planet Happy Smiles!  These are great!
Would you like to try them?  You can enter here for a chance to win your own set of Class Journal Covers!  Hurrah!
If you would like to check out my swap partner, you can find their post HERE!
You can find the other great Stop, Swap and Roll participants by visiting Melissa’s blog : Jungle Learners here:
Jungle Learners
Thanks so much Melissa!  This has been a lot of fun!

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