The Real Teachers of Blog County: Hoarders edition!

Welcome to the February edition of the Real Teachers of Blog County!
Hoarder is kind of a harsh sounding word isn’t it?
But I have a confession.
I am a children’s book hoarder and I am passing that affliction passion down to my boys! (This is just what I found under my older son’s pillow).  He sleeps with 15-20 books per night.  “Just in case”…

I have to tell you.  

My husband is (GASP) not a school guy.  He didn’t have good school experiences growing up, so it is really hard to get him to come in to school.  So, when I told him that I buy books to build up my classroom library he was perfectly okay with that.  He is a reader, he gets it!  He wishes that he had more choices of things to read when he was in school.

That was all fine and dandy when he wasn’t ever coming into school.  Well!  Then, he had to come in to bring our sons to a reading event where he got to see other classrooms. (no, the pictures don’t overlap).
He was a bit taken aback at the size of my “Classroom Library” when compared to many others in the building.
Mine is pretty extensive. I could not get all of my books into one picture.  The yellow and blue boxes are my fiction collection. The green boxes are my (sad) non-fiction collection.
Yup, I got in trouble.
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Next month’s topic will be: Pet Peeves:  What is something that really bothers you in the classroom? I will be post on second Wednesday of each month. Next month will be March 11!  Thanks for stopping by and linking up!

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