Trade and Grade, freebies and a giveaway…all in one post!

Hello all!  Thanks so much for dropping by!  I can’t wait to tell you about this great product by Lisa at:
This unit was AWESOME!  For the first time since I started teaching second grade we had school on Martin Luther King Jr. day!  (It was a built in snow day and we had 2 snows days).  So I was excited to actually get to teach my kiddos about MLK Jr. on his day!
Lisa’s unit contains so many great things!  We started with the KWL chart:
My kiddos knew somethings about MLK, but they were very curious to know more.  

The next activity that we did was learn some new vocabulary words:
Her pack comes with a cut and paste activity that you match the words with the definitions.  My kiddos loved making the flaps!  They thought that it was a fun way to practice!
After extensively talking about and practicing the vocab words we read the biography included in her unit.  We have been talking a lot in class about close reading and reading for meaning so we decided to read the questions first, then read the passage.  The kiddos were fascinated!  They did an amazing job reading the biography and answering the questions.
She also included this timeline page.  We have been talking about different features of non-fiction reading and I don’t have a lot of books with timelines, so this was a perfect way to show the kiddos what a time line looks like and to give them some experience reading and interpreting one!

Lisa also included several writing activities, a matching game to use with the vocabulary words (which I will be putting out next week during reading as a vocab. review), graphic organziers for facts about Martin Luther King Jr., a cut and paste ABC order page, and a personal connection page!  I wish I had time this week to use all of the activities!

If you would like to try out some of her MLK Jr. activities you can download a couple of freebies here:

If you are interested in the whole unit you can find it here:

As an added bonus Lisa and I are giving away the products that we swapped!  You can enter here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you are interested in seeing some more fantastic products in action, check out the linky party below!  There are a ton of sample freebies as well! 

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