Teaching Accuracy Strategies all with one book!

It’s that time of year isn’t it?
I don’t know about you, but after I show my kiddos how to Check for Understanding and Go Back and Reread, I start working on teaching my kiddos strategies for figuring out unknown words.
A.K.A. Accuracy Strategies!
I used to teach each strategy with a different book as I went along with Reader’s Workshop.
That was fine, it worked, but then a colleague of mine stumbled upon this little gem.
This little book has predictable text, but it does have a “difficult” word or two on each page that make it perfect for modeling for the children how to use the different accuracy strategies!
I always start with Cross Checking.  I tell the kiddos that this is like Check for Understanding, but with words!
When you are reading, the text should look right, sound right, and make sense.
So, I read the first page messing up while for whale.
Of course, it doesn’t make any sense.
There is no whale in the picture!
It does look right (kinda, it starts the same), but it doesn’t sound right and it doesn’t make sense.
So, I use the strategy of point and slide to figure it out!
I point to each letter and slide the sounds together.
Of course, once I have figured it out, I go back and read the whole beginning over again.
I repeat this at the bottom but mistake “sipping” for “falling”.  
We go through the process again with the kiddos helping me to figure out the word, because it doesn’t look right, sound right or make sense, although I do fall a lot while skating!
The rest of the book is similar.  It is very repetitive (this kiddo LOVES Chicken Soup with Rice).
I have sticky notes stuck to the pages with the strategy I want to teach for each page.
I also mark the word that I want to mess up very discretely with a dot (I am not good at messing up without some prep).
Now, I will say that this is a small book.  It is a “pocket” book.  I wish I had the big book, but it is difficult to find.
I use my document projector when I teach these lessons.
How do you teach the accuracy strategies?
I would love to hear about it!
Would you like your own copy of Chicken Soup with Rice?  Use the rafflecoptor below to enter to win your own!
Thanks so much for stopping by!
Good luck!

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