Messy Desk Solution!

 Hello again!  Welcome back!  
Today I am talking about my student’s  scary dark mess collectors desks.
Now, I am fortunate enough to have newer desks, but that doesn’t change the fact that these babies weigh 70 lbs. a piece.  They are substantial.
They are also ALWAYS MESSY!  
They eat papers, pencils, books, and an occasional snack.
Until it is time to move seats, then all of that junk shows up.
On the floor.
All over the place!
I needed a solution.
Messy desk solution
Thank heavens for Seat Sacks!
This year, I turned my desks around so the kiddos couldn’t put anything inside these dark caverns of no return.
Turn the desks around
Now, the only thing on their desks is the team captain tag!
The kiddos keep all of their stuff in their seat sack or their book box!
Seat sacks in action Seat sacks in action
These things are AWESOME!
They are very durable, brightly colored, have plenty of storage space, and they provide easy access to the kiddo’s stuff.
Plus, it make moving to a new seat a snap!  They only have to move their chair and their book box!
No mess all over the floor. No more dropping their stuff all over the place when they are moving.
No more “Mrs. Gard!  So and So left a huge mess in their desk!”  Ahhhhhhh!
Another thing that I love about these, is that I have easy access.  No more Mrs. Gard digging around in messy desks because a kiddo can’t find something!
These have really made my classroom a more pleasant place, plus NO MORE MESSY DESKS!
I even have one for my seat at the document projector. I use my document projector all of the time, so I put all of my teacher examples, books, and notebooks, not to mention MY pencil pouch of supplies right in my seat sack on the back of my chair.
I also use it to model to the kiddos how to keep theirs neat and organized.
Messy desk solution
They come in an assortment of sizes and colors!
The company was really easy to work with and I received my seat sacks in a very timely manner.
They did come with name tags that were very cute, but I made tags that fit my classroom theme.
Ready to solve your messy desk problem?
You find Seat Sacks Here:
O2 Teach Seat Sack
or on Facebook:
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