Keeping it all together. I love my planner.

Keeping it all together. Planner
If you are anything like me, you are busy.
Super busy.
I teach full time, blog, create, wife, and mommy.
I NEEDED a way to keep it all together!
I have tried everything.
Thank goodness my husband is an engineer.  He is very organized and can keep track of stuff for the boys most of the time.
He can’t keep track of me though.
I have to do that.
So!  I have been searching for one planner that can do everything.
I think that I have finally found it!
Inside planner, decorated planner pages, keeping it all together.
 I am not affiliated with Erin Condren in any way, I just LOVE my planner!
I love that it has 3 sections for everyday.  I use the top box for Home stuff.
You know, appointments, boys stuff, dinner menu, etc.  Stuff for me.
The middle boxes are for school stuff.
Birthday’s meetings, testing, etc.
The bottom box is for my Cyber life.  Blog ideas, product ideas, collaborative blogs, etc.
I do like to decorate my pages, but I try not to go overboard as I like to have plenty of space to write!
I love the lines around the boxes for to-do lists and reminder notes.
This planner also has monthly views that I appreciate as well.

Keeping it all together.
Last but not least, I love that there are pockets in the back to keep stuff in and a zip close plastic holder for all that little stuff that need to keep together.
The only thing that it doesn’t have is a pen holder, but since I use about 50 different types of  pens I found a better solution.
I found this adorable pencil pouch at Target.  The best part is, that it has an attached elastic that allows me to put it around my binder to keep it all together.
So, there you have it!  That is how I am keeping it all together.
What works for you?

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