Valentine’s Vibes: Creative Writing Activities to Refresh Your Classroom Writing Center

Blog Cover Image children laughing and making valentines. Text: Valentine's Day Vibes. Valentine's Vibes: Creative Writing Activities for Your Classroom Writing Center

Creative Writing Activities for February!

Hey there Teacher Friends! Get ready to breathe some fresh air into your classroom writing center with these fun creative writing activities! Get your students excited about your classroom writing center again!

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Add Paper: Creative Writing with Sticker Stories

Image of 2 sticker story writing center activity templates.  Text: Sticker Stories

Sticker Stories are the perfect addition to your classroom writing center! Students LOVE stickers (Amazon Affiliate Link). Make this creative writing activity a little more fun by putting 2-4 stickers in a reusable heart container (Amazon Affiliate Link). Then, students can choose their sticker story background, add the stickers, and write their story! Super fun and easy!

If you don’t like the container idea, just add the stickers to your writing center. I would suggest a sticker limit if you want to have stickers for a while! 🙂

Add Novelty: Creative Writing with Writing Prompts! Sweet Scribbles Basket

Image of a poster showing directions for how to do the writing center activity, with a piece of writing paper, a pencil, and a writing prompt with picture strip.

Sometimes students need a writing prompt to help them get started. This creative writing activity will help your creative writing prompts a little more fun. These writing prompt strips and heart containers (Amazon Affiliate Link) add a little novelty. Copy the creative writing prompts onto different colored paper (think red and pink for Valentines), cut into strips, fold strips into heart containers, and add to the heart basket (Amazon Affiliate Link) in your writing center. Keep the containers and basket to use again.

Students then choose a heart container out of the basket and write about the prompt inside. They can put the prompt back into the heart container when they are done and put it back in the basket to reuse again and again! 🙂

Add Fun to Your Student Writing Center: Valentine’s Cards and Envelopes

Image of cut and fold Valentine's Day cards.  Super fun writing center activity Text: Valentines!

Valentine’s Day would not be complete without some fun Valentine’s Day Cards! Students can easily make their cards by folding a piece of standard paper in half and decorating.

They could also fold a piece of paper in half then in half again and decorate to make a smaller card! Add some pink and red paper to your writing center for their cards! There are so many ways that students could make cards for their friends. You could also try these super fun and easy-to-use card templates.

Cards are so much more fun with an envelope! You can buy envelopes (Amazon Affiliate link) for your classroom writing center, or you could use a template for your students to create their own. These templates when folded are a card and an envelope.

Looking for all the fun February Writing Center Activities?

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