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I love it when I have a brilliant idea (well, I think it’s brilliant)!  Who doesn’t right? 

easy classroom management idea

Easy Classroom Management Idea for your Writing Center!

I am always looking for an easy classroom management idea! In my room, we use a lot of paper. My writing center is a popular place all throughout the day! My students can use the writing center in the morning when they are finished with their morning work, during the Writing Workshop (of course), when they are finished with their classwork, etc. My students also love to use my writing center during inside recess!

That means that we go through A LOT OF PAPER.  I am often having to replenish the forms and writing paper that the kiddos use the most.  My “ah ha” moment came accidentally.  One day I left the original with a sticky note with copying instructions on the bottom of a stack of forms.  I forgot all about it.  When one of the kiddos found that sheet (it was the very last one) she asked me about it.  I told her just to put it on my desk to remind me I needed more copies!  WHAM! 

Now, I do that with all of the forms and writing papers that the kiddos use on a regular basis.  It is an easy way for the kiddos to let me know what we need with a minimal amount of fuss!  Of course, I have to explain it to them so they don’t just take the sticky note off and use the last one (I don’t use originals anymore.)  But, it works beautifully for me.  What was your last “Ah Ha”!  moment?

Easy classroom management idea: Sticky note on the last page for students to remind teacher of needing more paper.

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easy classroom management idea

Interested in the types of forms/writing papers that I have in my wonderful writing center? These are just a few items that keep my kiddos engaged and coming back for more:

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