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These engaging, picture writing prompts have fun choices that will get even your most reluctant writer writing!  Writing Prompts with Pictures are perfect for Writer’s Workshop, Work on Writing during Daily 5, Writing Centers, Substitute Teachers, Fast Finishers, or made into writing journals! Includes a writing checklist, writing notebook covers, and word collectors. They are also useful for ELL as they offer a lot of writing support.  Use these in your Writing Block to help you teach or reinforce Narrative Story Writing, Descriptive Writing, Opinion Writing, Comparing and Contrasting, and even some higher-order thinking prompts that ask the students “What if?”.

Each picture prompt has three different sections where your students can choose from a few characters, settings, and plot choices. They can also choose all of them!

Super Silly Picture Writing Prompts Contains:

✎ 5 Narrative Story Prompts

✎ 1 Descriptive Writing Prompt

✎ 2 Would You Rather…opinion prompts

✎ 1 Opinion WritingPrompt

✎ 4 What if?  Higher-Order Thinking Writing Prompts

✎ 1 Use all the Words “Challenge” picture prompt

✎ Editing Checklist

These picture writing prompts are print and go, they are at the top of the paper that your students will do their writing on.

All the prompts (except the compare and contrast prompts) come with 3 different choices for printing: primary lines, plain lines, and strips for quick writes or a prewriting/drawing space.

Paper choices to print on the backside include:

✎ primary lines whole page

✎ plain lines whole page

✎  primary lines with a space for a picture

✎ plain lines with space for a picture

Looking for ideas about how you could use these in your classroom?  You can check out the blog post I wrote about 5 Ways to Use Writing Prompts with Pictures!


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Writing Prompts with Pictures | Super Silly Picture Writing Prompts