I must start by saying that I cannot take credit for the idea that I will be blogging about.  I stole it from one of my teaching partners who heard about it from her cousin, who’s son goes to school with this girl who heard about it from her dentist’s cousin’s teacher.  Actually, I am pretty sure my teaching partner got the idea from Pinterest.  VERB SUPER HEROS!  My kiddos loved this!  They got so creative.  I have a pretty creative group this year, so it was right up their alley.  Of course, I did get some adjective and noun

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Naked Turkeys!

Naked Turkeys, Turkeys in Disguise, Disguise a Turkey…whatever you call it this is a great family activity to do in November! Naked Turkeys I love this project!  I have been doing this project my entire teaching career (all 23 years of it)!  I am sure that you know what I am talking about…Disguise a turkey so it won’t get eaten for Thanksgiving.  We start by reading the classic tale: (this is an affiliate link. If you purchase anything through this link I get a small commission at no cost to you) Turkey Trouble by Wendi Silvano. The turkey in this

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descriptive writing lesson idea

Easy Descriptive Writing Lessons Your Students will Actually Enjoy!

Descriptive Writing with Food! Descriptive writing is always a fun one to teach. Anytime you can use food in a lesson, it is a hit. Especially with a sweet treat like Oreos! This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase anything through the links, I get a small commission at no cost to you. Thanks so much! Before we start, I read a book that is the furthest thing from Oreos! It is called Toad by Ruth Brown. I always read this one because it is full of amazing adjectives! It is about a disgusting Toad living in a swamp.

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