Awesome April Printable Writing Prompts – Spring Writing Prompts with Pictures



April Printable Writing Prompts – Spring Writing Prompts with Pictures

These super fun Printable Writing Prompts with Pictures will have even your most reluctant writer begging to write!  Students LOVE the fun picture choices with a word bank so get their creative juices flowing!
These Spring Printable Writing Prompts are also useful for ELL students as they offer a lot of writing support!
These printable writing prompts are perfect for Writer’s Workshop, Work on Writing during Daily 5, Writing Centers, Substitute Teachers, Fast Finishers, or made into writing journals.

Each prompt has three different sections where your students can choose from a few characters, settings, and plot choices. They can also choose all of them!

Check out the preview to see see more!


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This Extra Helpful, Low Prep Product includes: 

✎ Newspaper Writing Prompt and Blank Newspaper Template

✎ 1 Sentence of the Day

✎ 5 Narrative Writing Prompts with Pictures

✎ 1 Descriptive Picture Writing Prompt

✎ 1 Compare and Contrast Writing Prompts

✎ 1 Create a Holiday Writing Prompt

✎ 2 Opinion Writing Prompts with Pictures

✎ 2 STEM Writing Prompts

✎ 2 List Writing Prompts

✎ Editing Checklists

Paper choices to print on the backside include: 

✎ primary lines whole page

✎ plain lines whole page

✎ primary lines with a space for a picture

✎ plain lines with space for a picture


✎An editing checklist


✎4 different choices of writing paper to copy onto the back of the prompts (or not)!

I hope your kiddos have as much fun with these as mine do! Thanks so much!

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Awesome April Printable Writing Prompts – Spring Writing Prompts with Pictures