Creative Writing Center Idea: Sports Themed Sticker Stories: Stickers + Writing



Sports-Themed Sticker Stories: Stickers + Writing Creative Writing Center Idea

Stickers + Writing = engaged writing students!  Your students will adore this creative writing center idea!  These Sports-Themed Sticker Stories are no-prep. Just print and add stickers. Students build a scene with a sports background and stickers to make these interactive! Narrative writing sticker story pages are perfect for your writing center, fast finishers, morning work, or writing block! Blank sticker stories writing paper with picture boxes and word banks let your students create their own story from scratch! Perfect for your Writing Center or Narrative Writing Unit!


Sports Interactive Sticker Story Creative Writing Center Includes:

✔️Sports Sticker Story Backgrounds with Word Banks

✏️ Sticker Story Backgrounds with lines-Plain and Primary

✏️ Full Page Sticker Story Backgrounds without Lines

✔️Super Fun Sports Backgrounds included:

⭐ Baseball Field

⭐ Basketball Court

⭐ Boxing Ring

⭐ Cheerleading

⭐ Ballet Studio

⭐ Football Field

⭐ Golf Course

⭐ Hockey Rink

⭐ Racetrack

⭐ Soccer Field

⭐ Pool

⭐ Tennis Court

⭐ Volleyball Court

⭐Volleyball Court

and a

⭐ Lacrosse Field!

✔️Blank Sticker Story Writing Pages with Picture Box

✔️Blank Sticker Story Writing Pages with Picture Box

✔️Team Roster Template Page

✔️ Sports Tournament Bracket Template Page

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Creative Writing Center Idea: Sports Themed Sticker Stories: Stickers + Writing