Bright Ideas! The New Book Box!

I am so excited to be linking up with such a great group of bloggers to share ideas!  Isn’t this fun?

I am a huge buyer of books.  I do a monthly Scholastic Reading Club order.  My husband gets me children’s books for gifts, I shop at the book sale room at the library.  Consequently I have a lot of new books every month.  The new books always seem to be the most popular ones, plus I want the kiddos to get familiar with them before I put them out into the classroom library.  So, the New Book Box was born!  It is an extremely easy concept.  After I put my name and A.R. quiz information onto my new books (if they have an A.R. quiz that is) they go into the New Book Box.  These can only be used during one round of reading time, then they go back into the box.  The New Books cannot be put into book boxes until they are numbered for our library (each of the boxes in my classroom are numbered in order to make it easier to put the books back in the right places).
That is really all there is to it!  Once I get new “new books”  I number the old ones and add them to the correct boxes.  I then let the kiddos know what they are out in the library and I introduce the newest New Books!

Stop by Mrs. Plant’s page to see a great idea about keeping students engaged through fun games! 

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