3 Fun STEM Activities to Engage Your Fast Finishers

STEM Activities for Fast Finishers: Maker Space or STEM Center

This is one of my student’s favorite ideas for fast finishers! Before we start with our Maker Space and/or STEM Center we talk a lot about what it is, what it’s not, and how to use it.

One thing that we talk about is what we are making. If we make something that looks like trash and we take it home, what will the grown-up at home do with it? Throw it away. So, when we are working in this space, we should be creating something that we can use, is beautiful, or useful. We also talk about appropriate amounts of items to take. Only take what you will use. It is EVERYONE’s responsibility to keep the area neat and tidy and to put things back when they are done.

I try to put things into portable trays or containers so that the students can take things back to their seats or to an area in our classroom to work. This also helps limit the number of supplies that the kiddos can have all at once as well. Pencil boxes, art trays, etc.. are great for this!

In my STEM center, I use STEM Bins. I wish I could say that these were mine, but alas, they are the brainchild of Brooke Brown Teach Outside the Box. You can use the links to check out her bins. They are pretty amazing and are perfect for fast finishers!

Playdough STEM

My kiddos LOVE Playdough! They would play with it all day long if I let them. Another of their favorite fast finisher STEM activities is to use these super fun STEM Playdough Mats! They are a super easy, low prep way to keep your learning! You just print, laminate, and add playdough. These mats have fun challenges for your students to create using playdough. If you want to be super creative, you can also have them use things from your Maker Space to complete the challenges! I have all kinds of mats for all different times of the year!

You can check out ALL of my STEM playdough mats HERE!

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Student-Made STEM Challenges

My students LOVE to make up their own STEM/STEAM challenges! In my writing center, I have added index cards for the students to make up their own STEM challenges. They write what the challenge is and what materials should be used! Oh my goodness! When someone completes the challenge that they made, they are over the moon. This is definitely a fave in my room!

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