4 Fun Math Activities for Early Finishers

Math Activities for Early Finishers 1: Flashcards

I don’t know about your kiddos, but mine always need extra practice with their basic math facts! A super simple way to practice their math facts is with flashcards! They don’t need to be fancy, in fact, you could have the kiddos make their own with index cards, or you could buy a few sets to have in your classroom like these: (This post does contain affiliate links to Amazon.  If you do purchase something through my links I receive a small commission at no cost to you!)

When the kiddos are done with their work, they turn it in, and then they can go do flashcards on their own or with a friend!

Math Activities for Early Finishers 2: Computer Ideas

My students all have one-to-one devices, so math games on their computers are always a hit in my room! We use a lot of different math programs, some free and some that are paid for. I am not affiliated with any of these programs, these are just things that I like to use in my classroom.

Free programs: Prodigy, Toy Theater, Cool Math Games, and Math Playground.

Paid Programs: Freckle and Dreambox, Boom Cards.

We do have computer rules when we are using our computers when the teacher is busy working with other students.

  1. Only use programs that your teacher has shown you in class. (Ours are in our learning management system).
  2. Use your headphones so you do not disturb others.
  3. If you have a computer problem, try turning off your computer and turning it back on.
  4. If you have a computer problem that you can not fix, turn it off and find another activity.

These rules take a bit for the students to get used to, but they learn quickly that I won’t help with a computer problem if I am working with students. They have gotten really good at solving their own computer problems!

Math Activities for Early Finishers 3: Math Manipulatives

This one is a favorite with my students. My kiddos LOVE playing with the math manipulatives! Pattern Blocks are my favorite! As a matter of fact, I did a whole blog post just about Pattern Blocks! You can find it here! My students also love to play with linker cubes, geoboards, counting bears (or other animals), pentominoes, dominoes, tangrams, and geoboards! I don’t have them all out at once of course. I have them in clearly labeled containers that my students know they can use when they are finished with their math work. They can only play with one at a time, and of course, they have to share.

If you are looking to find some fun math manipulative for your own classroom, I do have an amazon list (affiliate link) HERE! If you are looking for some fun pattern block games, you can find them in my store HERE!

Math Activities for Early Finishers 4: Pattern Block Challenges

My students LOVE Pattern Block Challenges! These are super simple to assemble and teach your students to play! Your students will build something with their pattern blocks, then they are challenged to build it again using more or fewer blocks! My students LOVE these challenges. They are super fun to work on with a friend. I keep them in ziploc baggies in my math center, and the kiddos can use them when they are finished with their work. Want to try them, grab them for FREE by signing up for my newsletter!

Want to get some for your classroom? You can check them out in my Tpt storeHERE! Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to read my post! Please pin the image below to share and save your freebie!

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