Bright Ideas! The kiddos took over!

I don’t know about you (or okay maybe I have an idea) but I am exhausted by the end of the school year!  So, last year I decided to let the kiddos have a turn!  I sent home a short letter explaining to the kiddos that it was their turn.  If they would like to teach a short lesson, fill out the short slip (they just had to let let me know what they wanted to teach) and return it to school.
This year I had 18 kiddos who wanted to teach.  I sorted the kiddos so that 5-6 were teaching each day.  I tried to make the lesson diverse for each day.  I divided up all of the kiddos who wanted to make some type of food item, those who wanted to teach something active, make a craft, etc.  Then, each of those kiddos set up at a different table in our classroom and the rest of the class rotated through the different “teachers” every 15 minutes.  I got to sit back and watch and learn a few things myself.  Some examples of things the kiddos taught were: making a fruit sundae, making an origami dog head, learning a dance, how to draw the Brooklyn bridge, making finger puppets and doing a science experiment! A good time was had by all and the kiddos got a little bit of an idea what is was like to be a teacher!  I even heard one kiddo say (before I went over to intervene)  “I wish you people would just listen to me!”
I think that we all learned a little something!  😉

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