Shout Outs!

Hello all!  I am sharing an idea that I have been using in my classroom this year that I love!  

Shout Outs! 

A few years ago our school implemented a school wide Positive Behavior Plan.  We are trying to catch the kiddos doing good stuff.  When I read about this product on Teacher to the Core, I knew it would be perfect in my classroom!  (You can find her original post here).

Shout Outs! {Recognizing Amazing Students}

This has become part of our classroom routine.  The very last thing that we do at the end of our school day is gather together as a class to celebrate the awesome classmates in our room!  I usually have 2-3 everyday.  I try to “catch” them doing a variety of things.  Sometimes it’s as simple as doing something that make me smile, other times it is for reaching a learning goal. 
 We always do some sort of cheer to go with each “Shout Out”.  Our favorite this year is the “ketchup” cheer.  You make one hand into a fist and hit it with your other open hand to make it look like you are trying to get ketchup out of a ketchup bottle.  (Funnily enough, I had to explain “old fashioned” ketchup bottles that weren’t squeezable!)  They know that if they get a classroom shout out, they get a “Blue Ribbon” that is displayed school wide in the hallway and their name in my classroom newsletter “Brag Box”.   They love them!  

My kiddos got so excited about my Shout Outs, they wanted to do some of their own.  I LOVED the idea.  At first, I just put out some scrap paper and let them write it out, but then I got the brilliant idea to make them cute!  Little do the kiddos know that they are working on their writing skills while they are “Shouting Out” their friends.  The “Shout Out” basket is in the back of the room with the smaller basket of blank shout outs.  They are welcome to go back anytime that they aren’t required to be with me to “Shout Out” a friend.  We give these out at the end of the day after I announce mine.  We do the same cheer for kiddos Shout Outs!  
My students have lockers and they love to hang their Shout Outs in their lockers!  

I have a little freebie for you below.  These are the “Shout Outs” that I made for the kiddos to fill out for each other!  

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