Fun Summer Writing Activities – Summer Journal, Travel Posters, Mini-Books, Prompts


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Fun Summer Writing Activities – Summer Journal, Travel Posters, Mini-Books, Prompts

Keep your students writing this summer during summer school or for at-home learning to keep writing skills sharp with these fun Summer Writing Activities! In this writing resource pack, you will find summer writing journals, travel poster templates, summer mini-book templates with editable versions included, and summer writing prompts with pictures!
Inside this fun summer writing activities pack you will find:
✏️ Summer Memory Journal with Bucket List Pre-Writing Activity:
  • Journal Pages with Plain and Primary Lines
  • Summer Bucket List Pre-Writing Page
✏️ Summer Writing Helpers and Activities:
  • Handwriting Helper Page
  • One Page Spelling Dictionary or Word Collector
  • Color, Cut, and Paste Pictures for the Summer Journal
✏️Travel Poster Activity:
  • Travel Poster Instruction Page
  • Teacher Example
  • 2 Blank Travel Poster Templates
✏️ Summer Mini-Book Templates:
Themes Included:
  • Sun
  • Ice Cream
  • Beach

Summer Words Word Bank

CUPS Editing Checklist
*BONUS: My Summer Journal
Writing Pages
Editing Checklist
Writing Prompts
Color and Cut Pictures
✏️ Summer Writing Prompts with Pictures:
  • One-page Memory Book with space for pictures and signatures of friends!
  • 2 Memory Pages
  • 1 Newspaper Prompt
  • Blank Newspaper Template
  • 2 Cell-phone Writing Dialog Prompts
  • 3 Friendly Letter Writing Templates
  • 7 Narrative Story Writing Prompts
  • 2 Would You Rather Opinion Writing Prompts
  • 2 Descriptive Writing Prompts (includes Descriptive Writing Graphic organizer!)
  • 2 Compare and Contrast Writing Prompts
  • 3 List Writing Prompts
  • Summer Writing Journal Cover
  • Editing Checklists
*These writing prompts are print-and-go, they are at the top of the paper that your students will do their writing on.
All the prompts (except the compare and contrast prompts) come with 3 different choices for printing: primary lines, plain lines, strips for quick writes or a prewriting/drawing space.
Paper choices to print on the backside include: 
 ✎ primary lines whole page
 ✎ plain lines whole page
 ✎ primary lines with a space for a picture
 ✎ plain lines with space for a picture
With so many fun summer writing activities, your students will be writing all summer long!

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Fun Summer Writing Activities – Summer Journal, Travel Posters, Mini-Books, Prompts