All About Me Sentence a Day – Back to School – Sentence Writing Lessons with Printables



All About Me Sentence a Day – Back to School – Sentence Writing Lessons with Printables

Setting up your writing block at the beginning of the year can be tough! Let me help! All About Me Sentence a Day will help you teach writing one sentence at a time in minutes a day while helping your new students get to know one another! This getting-to-know-you product also includes daily handwriting practice as a refresher for good handwriting!

This product is meant to be used as projectable slides for your specific lesson, with students doing their writing on the printable or digital pages in the product, but you could also use your own paper or not use the projectable slides.

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What do you get in this super fun Sentence a Day resource?

Different Sentences for Each Week:

✎ Week 1: Writing Complete Sentences

✎ Week 2: Writing Complete Sentences

✎ Week 3: Using “because” to add reasons to sentences

✎ Week 3: Writing Questions


Student Pages: 

✎ Both Printable and Digital Versions

✎ Daily Handwriting Practice

✎ Primary and Plain Line Versions

✎ Single Sided-all prompts on one page

✎ Double Sided- with editing checklists and rubric

✎ Double Sided-with and without days of the week

✎ Handwriting Chart

✎ BONUS! Interview a Friend! Students will practice writing and answering questions!


Teacher Slides: 

✎ Audience Slide

✎ Handwriting Slides

✎ When You Think You’re Done Slides (one with ideas, one that is editable)

✎ Ideas for Writing Slides (one with ideas, one that is editable)

✎ Prompt Slides with and Without Anchor charts

✎ Sentence Writing Rubric


✎ Teacher Notes and Ideas

✎ Week of Sample Lesson Plans

✎ Visual pages of how to insert a picture from the Web and from the camera into Google Slides

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Image of Sentence a Day projectable slide, and student printable worksheet. Text: August Sentence a Day.

All About Me Sentence a Day – Back to School – Sentence Writing Lessons with Printables