Classroom Rewards – Unique Student Reward Coupons



Classroom Rewards – Unique Student Reward Coupons

Looking for some fun, free or low-cost classroom rewards? These fun, unique student reward coupons work with any classroom management system! They go perfectly with my Shout Out Your Success Stickers! Perfect for PBIS schools.

Tons of fun classroom rewards your students will love! My students LOVE the Blanket Fort Coupon, and The Voice! coupon (sing a song to the class).

These Classroom Reward Coupons Include:

(coupons come in both color and black and white).

⭐ Bring a Buddy (stuffed animal)

⭐ Move Your Seat (student’s choice!)

⭐ Teacher’s Desk

⭐ Teacher’s Chair

⭐ Use a fancy pen

⭐ Use a special pencil

⭐ Use a marker

⭐ Write the morning message

⭐ Lead morning meeting

⭐ Be the Door Greeter

⭐ Skip morning work

⭐ Write On! Choose a writing topic for the class

⭐ Teacher’s Helper

⭐ Switch Jobs

⭐ Special Note Home

⭐ Positive Phone Call

⭐ The Voice! (Sing a Song to the class)

⭐ Class Clown (Tell the class jokes)

⭐ Lead the pledge

⭐ Chew gum

⭐ Choose a book for the teacher to read

⭐ Read a book to the class

⭐ Toy Story: Bring a toy and tell about it

⭐ No Homework

⭐ Pick a brain break

⭐ Change your name for the day

⭐ Show an appropriate YouTube video

⭐ Lunch with the Teacher

⭐ Eat Lunch Picnic style in the classroom

⭐ Paparazzi (take pics in the classroom)

⭐ Teach it! (Teach the class something)

⭐ Prize Box

⭐ Brag to the Principal

⭐ Choose the Music

⭐ Choose a movie (next movie day)

⭐ Blanket Fort: Turn your desk into a blanket fort for the day

⭐ Extra Recess

⭐ Free Time

⭐ Special Spot

⭐ Hat Day

⭐ Slippers

⭐ Wear a Cape

⭐ Wear Sunglasses for the Day

⭐ Pick the magic trash

⭐ Choose everyone’s partner for the day

⭐ Compliment Circle

⭐ Mailman

⭐ Calendar Helper

⭐ Pupil Picker (call on students all day)

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Happy Teaching!



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Classroom Rewards – Unique Student Reward Coupons