Fun Positive Classroom Management Idea

Pic of happy child and the text Positive Classroom Management Idea: Shout-Out Stickers

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Positive Classroom Management Idea

I have to admit, I LOVE stickers! I always have. I had quite a collection when I was a student. I stored my stickers in a photo album with self-stick pages I got from Walgreens. I really wish that I still had it! I was going to put in an amazon link to the album I used, but I couldn’t find the ones that were around when I was little. Man, I feel old. Enough with the prattle, on with the Classroom Management Idea!

Fun, easy, positive classroom management is just a print, stick, and smile away!  I don’t know about you, but I am always looking for ways to make my student’s classroom experience more positive!  Catch them being good, and give them a sticker!

My kiddos LOVE stickers! Like crazy LOVE stickers. So I thought, let’s put that to use! Shout Out Stickers were born.

What are Shout Out Stickers?

pic of a happy student with a classroom management sticker with the text: What are Shout-Out Stickers?

Shout-out stickers are fun, positive messages/pictures to easily “Shout Out” the great things about your students!  That could be behavior, academic achievements, or just a reminder of a good class memory.   You just print the stickers on 2″X4″ labels, cut the labels in half, then you have 2 stickers, and stick!  What could be easier? I got my labels from Amazon (affiliate link below):

When I catch one of my cherubs being good, I cut off a sticker and give it to them! Now, I prefer to have the kiddos keep track of their stickers with a chart. When they fill up their chart, they get to pick out a Reward Coupon (the choices are free or really inexpensive).

Reward coupons for classroom management image

Showing off our Shout-Out Stickers!

Of course, if you get a Shout-Out sticker you want to show it off! My students have lockers, so each kiddo gets a chart for their locker.

Once the chart is filled up, they get their coupon, then the filled chart goes on our classroom display, and they get a new chart (in a different color).

My students LOVE looking at our classroom display and checking out their stickers, and the stickers of their friends as well. I have often heard my students shouting each other out! I have also heard things like “Oooo! I really want that sticker, what did you do to get that one?” This helps with our classroom management because the students are looking for ways to be good!

Our classroom display also serves as a memory book and is modeled after this AMAZING idea
The Primary Pack!  You can find their post about it HERE!

Showing off our shout out stickers.  Image of student classroom display showing classroom management stickers

How are Shout-Out Stickers stored?

Positive Classroom Management Idea for the New Year with a Freebie!

That is one of the really beautiful parts of this fun classroom management idea!  Shout Out Stickers are easy to store, without any fancy equipment! I use a vinyl 3-prong folder and some baseball card holders. I got both from Amazon (affiliate links).

I keep all of my Shout Out Sticker materials together in the folder! The front pocket has classroom management stickers (easy to flip through). I put the baseball card holders in the prongs, then store my reward coupons there. Then in the back pocket are the Sticker Charts. Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy!

Positive Classroom Management Idea for the New Year with a Freebie!

Shout Out Sticker Freebie!

Now, the moment you have been waiting for! The freebie! Sign up for my fun Teacher Newsletter below to grab your freebie!


Shout-out stickers are not only for Positive Classroom Management but also serve to remember parts of our school year together! I give my students a sticker for the first day of school, for picture day, for their birthday, and for holidays! They love them!

You can find my Shout Out Stickers for Behavior Here:

If you are just looking for the reward coupons, those are HERE:

If you want to save a little money (and who doesn’t) you can find my BUNDLES HERE!
If you just want to check them all out, you can find them all HERE!
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