My REAL classroom!

When I saw that Teaching with Grace was doing a linky about what our classrooms look like when they are not perfect I HAD to join the fun. I LOVE blog hopping and looking at all of you all’s classrooms, but sometimes I get a bit discouraged because “my room doesn’t look like that!”  Of course, when I post about my classroom I always try to post “perfect” pictures, but most of them time my classroom is much less than perfect!  So, here is some pics of what my classroom typically looks like at the end of the day.

This is a view of my desk and couch from my small group table.  Yes, there are 3 different coffee travel mugs on my desk!

This is the table next to the whole group meeting area.  We call our rug the “Magic Carpet” because that is where all the learning magic happens in our room!

This is my small group meeting table.  My son stowed his jacket on it!
This is a closer view of my desk.  I think that is my desk, it is hard to tell!
This is where my kiddos turn in all of their work!  When we have a really productive day, it gets a little full.
Well, there is it!  It’s not perfect, but I love it!  What does your “real” classroom look like?  Link up!

Teaching with Grace

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