Mentor Text Monday! The Girl Who Thought in Pictures :Meta cognition Freebie!

Mentor Text Monday!  The Girl Who Thought in Pictures: Meta cognition Freebie!
I want to share with you an extraordinary new book from Innovation Press:
The Girl Who Thought in Pictures: the story of Dr. Temple Grandin

This book is part of Amazing Scientist series!

“If you’ve ever felt different if you’ve ever been low,
if you don’t quite fit in, there’s a name you should know…”

Meet Dr. Temple Grandin―one of the world’s quirkiest science heroes!

This book is a perfect jump-off point to talk about many subjects in your classroom!
Scientists, Women Scientists, metacognition, differences, and accepting differences.

One of the things that I try to teach my kiddos every year is Meta-Cognition, or thinking about your own thinking.  They LOVE the idea that they can read their own minds.
Making mental images and thinking about what they are reading while they are reading is such a powerful way to better reading comprehension!
This book illustrates perfectly what it looks like to have pictures in your mind.
It also perfectly illustrates how all kinds of thinking is needed to make the world go round.

I have created a metacognition freebie to have your kiddos think about what they like to think about.
The world needs their minds too! Click the picture to get your freebie!

Mentor Text Monday!  The Girl Who Thought in Pictures: Meta cognition Freebie!

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Exploring our thinking with Dr. Temple Grandin!  Metacognition Freebie!

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