In case of emergency…

Are you required to wear your identification badge while you are at school?  We are.  Our card also lets us access the copy machine, so it is handy to have it all the time.  Another neat safety feature that our school has implemented is that our classroom keys (we can only unlock our own classrooms) can LOCK any room in our school building.  So if I am in someone else’s room and there is an emergency, I can lock their door using my key!  That being said (an me being super paranoid), I keep my keys on my lanyard as well.  

We are also required to have our class list with us when and if there is a fire drill.  I was notorious for not having mine with me.  So, here is what I did:

I got the little wallet lanyard at our local teacher store.  It is not exactly my color preference, but it works for what I wanted it for!  On my lanyard I have my classroom key.  My little monkey (cause he’s cute), and of course my i.d. card. 

 Inside my wallet I have a classroom list with names and emergency contact information for my whole class, the master “emergency procedures” page given to us by our administration, a few bandaids (because you never know) and I usually keep a few bucks in there as well in case of emergency!  

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