Classroom Publishing…and a freebie!

Hey everyone!  It’s been a little while, but it has been crazy busy around here.  Who isn’t now a days right?  Anywho, I wanted to blog about a subject near and dear to my heart today.  Classroom publishing!  
Do you “Publish” your kiddos writing?  It is a huge motivator in my room.  The kiddos love to see their finished writing all pretty and put together.  
It is a process though, it does take a lot of work.    Up until recently I have had to use our school binding machine.  But I won a binding machine of my own and now can do the binding in my classroom!  Here is the post about the machine. 
The kiddos loved watching me put their books together right in class!  So, here is our Publishing Procedure:
1. Write 3 rough drafts and choose one to publish (you can always write more if you need to!)
2.  Story has to be at least 2 pages long.
3. Then, you get an editing and revising checklist.  
4.  Once you are finished with the editing and revising checklist, you get a publishing checklist.
5. You follow the steps on the publishing checklist, and you publish your book with the help of Mrs. Gard! Including a cover, cover page, dedication page, and about the author page!  
It usually takes the kiddos a week to two weeks once they get their first checklist to get to the final product.  But they are lovely when they are done!  Do you publish with your kiddos?  I would love to hear your process!  I am working on putting together into a product all of my forms and checklists and special paper and what not at the moment.  Do you think that it might be useful to you?  I would love to hear any thoughts you all might have!  Thanks!  🙂  Also, I am including a freebie of the paper the kiddos use to publish!  


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