Book Talk Tuesday (with a freebie of course!): Building Our House

Book Talk Tuesday Building Our House by Jonathan Bean with a Freebie!
Hello again!  Thanks for joining me for another Book Talk Tuesday!
This week I would like to share this little gem!
This is Building Our House by Jonathan Bean.  It is based on the story of his parents building their house when he was little!  How cool is that?
The illustrations in this book are lovely.
It is a great book to show perseverance, as this family build the house themselves. 
It shows them living in a trailer while it is being built.  It also shows how everyone in the family helped to build it.  We talked about what perseverance means, and why you need perseverance!  We also had a fun conversation about our dream homes!  I let them run wild with their imaginations.  Lots of slides, T.V.’s, and candy was involved!  You can find my little writing activity for free at the bottom of this post!
It is a very cool book.
If you would like a copy, you can find it on Amazon (of course!)
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Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope to see you next week for another installment of Book Talk Tuesday!  Same Planet Place, Same Planet Channel!  🙂
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Book Talk Tuesday Building Our House by Jonathan Bean with a Freebie!

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