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Are you looking for fun and engaging decodable readers, phonics lesson plans, and phonics worksheets that align with the Science of Reading? These Phonics Comics fit the bill! The decodable passages in this resource are for Mixed Short Vowels and include a phonics word work worksheet for each comic to reinforce the skills learned.

This resource also includes a picture writing prompt for each short vowel word family that also makes a fantastic spelling test alternative! Expand your students’ phonics learning with Lesson Plans, Phonics Games, and Reading Centers. Just print and go!


The description doesn’t do this resource justice! Check out the preview for all of the great activities you get in this resource!


What is included? Mixed Short Vowel CVC Phonics Comics Decodable Readers:

⭐ 2 Decodable Phonics Comics for each of the short vowel CVC word families (12 Comics in all):

– ă mixed word families

– ě mixed word families

– ŏ mixed word families

– ŭ mixed word families

– ĕ mixed word families

– and All Mixed Short Vowels

⭐ Each Decodable Phonics Comic passage has a word work worksheet to copy onto the back.


⭐ 6 Short Vowel CVC Picture Writing Prompts or Spelling Test Alternatives


⭐ 3 days of lesson plans and activities for each Decodable Phonics Comic reader. Lesson Plans are Science of Reading aligned and include each of the 5 Pillars of Reading: Phonics, Phonemic Awareness, Fluency, Vocabulary, and Comprehension.


⭐ Extras for teaching with Phonics Comics: Sight Word Cards, Word Mapping Mat, Word Chaining Mat, Graphic Organizer for each short vowel word family, and an Idea list for activities you could do with the word cards, Graphic Organizers, a Short Vowel Word Glossary, and Sight Word Games.


These print and go Decodable Readers are perfect for:

Whole group reading lessons, Small group reading, Independent reading, Reading with a Partner, Reading Homework, and more!


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Phonics Comics Decodable Readers Mixed Short Vowels with Lessons and Activities

Short Vowels Phonics Decodable Readers + Science of Reading Aligned Lesson Plans & Worksheets – Phonics Comics