Reading Goal Bookmarks

These Reading Goal Bookmarks are the perfect helpers for your students when they are working independently on their Reading Goals! They remind the students of their goal, have a reading goal checklist of the different steps to meeting their goal, and even have a mini anchor chart on the back to help them reach their goal if they forget.  Perfect for helping you, as a teacher keep track of your student’s reading progress as well.

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These very helpful Reading Goal Bookmarks include the following Reading Strategies:

★Building Reading Stamina

★Voracious Reading

★Read with a Partner

★Choosing a Good Fit Book

★Reading Comprehension

★Identifying Non-Fiction Text features

★Summarizing Fiction

★Summarizing Non-fiction

★Monitor and Fix-up

★Ask questions

★Make predictions

★Mental Images

★Cause and Effect

★Close reading

★Making connections

★Main Idea

★Making inferences

★Author’s purpose

★What’s in your heart

★What’s in your head

★Understanding characters




The bookmarks all come in 2 sizes Large (half-page) and Medium (3 to a page).

This product also contains a freebie of my Reading Conference Labels to help you keep track of your student’s progress toward their goals!


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Reading Goal Bookmarks

Reading Goal Bookmarks