Calendar Math Worksheets



Grade 2 Calendar Math Worksheets

Calendar Math Worksheets are a perfect addition to your Calendar Math Routine! Daily calendar activities are great for teaching all kinds of math skills!  Calendar Math Worksheets are a great way to give your students practice with reading a calendar and other math skills! These Calendar 2nd-grade worksheets include editable calendars, blank calendars, reading a calendar worksheets (which can also be edited to suit your needs), and Number of the Day ideas for each day of each month in a traditional school year (August-June). These could be used for a calendar quiz, or would make a perfect calendar journal as well! So many uses for this versatile product! There is also a bonus Number of the Day Freebie inside!

Why use Calendar Math Worksheets?

These calendar math pages are great practice for the math skills that you are working on during your calendar time. They could also be used for an end-of-the-month calendar quiz of your calendar math skills. These worksheets could also be put together into a calendar journal!

This useful product contains for each month August- June:

  • A reading a calendar worksheet for each month (with a fun poem, list of holidays, joke, or song)
  • A number of the day idea for each day of the school year!
  • Blank full page calendar
  • Blank half-page calendars
  • Editable calendars for each month


  • Digital Calendars and Calendar Math Worksheets  in Google Slides
  • Editable Calendars and Calendar Math Quizzes  in Powerpoint
  • Editable Calendars and Calendar Math Worksheets in Google Slides

The number of the day activities cover a variety of math skills such as tally marks, counting coins, comparing numbers, reading number words, arrays, base 10, place value, addition, subtraction, measuring units, and shapes!

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Calendar Math Worksheets

Calendar Math Worksheets