Antonym Partner Pairing Cards – Partner Cards



Antonym Partner Pairing Cards – Partner Cards

Partner Pairing Cards with a purpose! While your students are learning about synonyms, reinforce the idea with these super fun Antonym Partner Pairing Cards and Memory Game! Use just like other partner picking cards, but your students will be finding a classmate with the synonym of the word on their card! These fun cards can also be used as a “Memory” or Matching type game. Perfect for small group instruction and reading centers.

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Antonym Partner Cards include:
✔️15 sets of Antonym Partner Cards in both Black and White and Color
(30 students paired)
✔️Extra set of partner cards for an odd number of students
✔️”Back” side of cards to use for Memory Game
✔️Antonym Poster in both Black and White and Color
✔️Antonym Exit Slips: One more difficult, one less difficult so you can easily differentiate!
✔️Teacher Notes with ways to use in your classroom!
✔️Antonym Pairs included: asleep-awake, on-off, day-night, fast-slow, empty-full, back-front, dirty-clean, big-small, closed-open, boy-girl, go-stop, happy-sad, heavy-light, cold-hot, in-out

These are a fun way to reinforce the concept of words that are antonyms! There are several ways that you can use these cards.

Use them to pair up your students for an activity, or for the day! Have your kiddos grab a card, then find their synonym partner!
1. Memory Game: Copy the cards back-to-back with the elephant antonym cards. Then cut out and laminate. Place all of the cards face down and turn over 2. If they are synonyms, keep the cards. If they are not, turn them back over and it is the next kiddo’s turn.
2. Use as a silent game. Pass out the cards and the students need to find their match without talking! This game is great if you have a few extra minutes and just need a brain break!

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Antonym Partner Pairing Cards – Partner Cards