What in the world…

… is a Pick-a-Prompt?

First let me say that I am not usually a writing prompt teacher.  I believe in letting the kiddos write about whatever they chose.
That being said have you ever heard:
“I don’t know what to write about!”
“I just can’t think of anything!”
Yeah, me too.

So, in the interest of preserving choice for the kiddos while giving them some guidance, I created Pick-a-Prompts!

This one is from my Anytime Pick-a-Prompts.

The idea is really simple.  The kiddos chose on item from each category (characters, setting, and plot) and then write a story!
My kiddos this year had a lot of fun with this one!
They really got a kick out of how everyone got the same prompt, but all of their stories were different.  They talked about it all day!
They can be used in centers, for fast finishers, as homework, or an easy way to leave a writing assignment for a guest teacher!)
I have also included other types of prompts in my products.  You will find: (read product descriptions for which prompts you will find in each product)

Friendly Letter
Challenge Prompts (write a story using certain words)
Funny Prompts:
This is from my October Pick-a-Prompt
Compare and Contrast 
Opinion Writing
Make Your Own Pick-a-Prompt

I have several Pick-a-Prompt products in my Teacher’s Pay Teacher store. 
Each one has a free prompt in the preview! 
Except for the Beginning of the school year bundle!

My Beginning of the Year Product has: Anytime, Back to school, October, and November all in one bundle for 25% off the price of buying each one individually! 
Stop by and check them out!  Don’t forget the freebie prompts in the previews!

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