The Warty Pumpkin!

On Pumpkin Math day, one of the parents brought in this great pumpkin.  It was the only one that came in that had Warts!  We all agreed that it was too neat to cut open, so we saved it for Pumpkin Writing! 
This was our very first day of working on Descriptive Writing.  We spent some time making a web together of all of the words that we could think of to describe our unusual pumpkin: 

You can get yours here!
The kiddos decided which adjectives that they would use in their descriptions and wrote them on their web, then went off to write their descriptions of this fun pumpkin.  They did a great job for a first attempt.  We all went around and shared our favorite parts of our descriptions.  We used this paper to write our descriptions.  The link will take you to an older blog post that has the freebie attached!  Let me know what you think!  For some reason when I upload to Google Docs, it doesn’t show up with the cute font, but I think when you print it the cute font will be there.  Let me know if it’s not and I would be happy to send you one with the cute font!  🙂

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