The Real Teachers of Blog County: School Stories!

It’s that time of the month again!  The Real Teachers of Blog County Linky!  Hurrah!
This month I would like to share a few stories with you.
You know you have them…
Tons of them….
Kids say (and do) the darndest things!

My first share was one that happened this year!
We were studying the life cycle of frogs and had live tadpoles in our classroom.  We we learning that they start as eggs, then turn into tadpoles, get their back legs, then their front legs, then they are metamorphs, then adult frogs. 
We were all taking this very seriously and doing lots of great observations.
One morning one of my darling cherubs runs up and yells “Mrs. G, Mrs. G, the tadpoles have turned to Methodists!”  He was pretty darned excited about it too!

One year I had a little Cherub who was a hypochondriac.  Something was always wrong with this poor darling.  One morning she walked up to me and licked my arm from elbow to wrist.  Of course I was appalled! Here is how that conversation went:
Me: “Cherub!  Why did you just lick my arm?”
Cherub: “Oh no Mrs. G.  That was my nose!”
It ended with me running to the bathroom to wash and sanitize!  Ugh…

My favorite excuse (so far) for why a student didn’t have their homework:
“uh…I’m allergic to paper?”

What are some of your favorite School Stories?
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