The Real Teachers of “Blog” County: New monthly link up!

Hello all!  Welcome to the Real Teachers of “Blog” County link up!  I wanted to start this because most of the time on teacher blogs you see all of the wonderful things that teachers are doing in their classrooms!  I know when I post I only post the best and shiniest pictures I can take!  But, we are also real teachers…I can’t speak for anyone else, but I am FAR from perfect!  So, without further ado, welcome to The Real Teachers of “Blog” County!

This month we are linking up “The junk drawer” or another problem spot in your classroom that collects….well…junk.  I know I have several spots in my room, but this one is the worst offender:

Honestly, I don’t even know what is all in this drawer anymore: Littlest Pet Shop toys (I am a collector…don’t judge), that green bag I think is full of pencil top erasers, an extension cord, a picture frame, some papers…you know all of those random things essential to being a teacher!

I always plan to clean it out, but I really have other things to do!  

Would you like to join us and link up?  Here are the “rules”: 

1. Use the graphic above at the top of your blog post.

2.Once you link up please visit 2 other blogs and leave meaningful comments!  We all love comments!

3. Please link up your “The Real Teachers of “Blog County” post directly.  Please don’t link to products or your store!  

Thank you Real Teacher Bloggers!  

Next month’s topic will be: Hoarder Series:  What is the teacher supply you can’t get enough of? I will be post on second Wednesday of each month. Next month will be Feb. 11!  Thanks for stopping by and linking up!

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