The Real Teachers of Blog County: Classroom Pet Peeves

Welcome to the third installment of The Real Teachers of Blog County!

Today we are talking about Classroom Pet Peeves.  
As a teacher, I LOVE my kiddos.  

I LOVE my classroom. 
I still LOVE teaching. 

 But, there are always a few things that get on my very last nerve.

I try really hard not to let thing bother me, I really do.

I am not a germophob, I am not OCD (and I don’t have a problem with those who are because they are usually very lovely people), and I have a VERY high tolerance for a lot of silly things.  

But… there are a few things that get under my skin.

Exhibit A:
Why oh why do kiddos feel like they need to chew on everything?  We share the red pens, and they are all a bit nibbled on…yuck!
I can never catch them nibbling either!  Grrrr….
I know, I could give each kiddo their own, but they would lose them.  We use them all the time, and we need them.  But yuck!
We even have the big talk about not chewing them.
Maybe I should just throw the lids away…

 Exhibit B:

AHHHHHHHHH!  Why do they always feel the need to write on things too?
These are the labels for my mailboxes.  I don’t even have a #23 this year and this is what the label looks like!  I know that normal wear and tear happens, and that the labels pull up and get ripped (even though I mod podged over the top of all of them).  But to just scribble on them?  What purpose does that serve!  Grrrrr!!!!!

What are your classroom Pet Peeves?

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